Movie Night: Disaster Movies

I've always had a fascination for disaster movies like Towering Inferno (which scared me to death), Armageddon and Volcano. Epic adventures where human lives are at risk, but there is always a hero (or anti-hero) to save the day.

Gruff, wife-beater clad, alcoholics save the world with nothing more than their wits and... Excuse me, my Die Hard/Bruce Willis adoring PA. Go sit in the corner. This is my blog and my heroes.

I've written my own disaster novel with Ryan and Nathan in All the King's Men 

When Ryan Ortiz decides to go direct to LA to fight for a second chance with his lover Nathan Richardson he is caught up in the biggest earthquake to hit the city since records began.

LA is destroyed, burning, people homeless, and fires are ignited high in the LA hills above Nathan's apartment. Nathan is trapped and Ryan is his only hope.

It is a race against time and the powerful all consuming destruction of nature for Ryan to find Nathan, trapped in the ruins of his home in the hills, and to get both of them to help before the fire reaches them.

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