Twelve Days of Christmas, Day 2 - Diane Adams

On the second day of Christmas, Diane Adams visited me...

And she's offering two prizes of an ebook copy of any of her catalogue. Leave a comment here to enter the draw. The winners will be picked on 19th December at 9am, GMT.

Question 1.       What is your favourite Christmas movie?

My favorite Christmas movie is Call Me Claus with Whoopi Goldberg. It has just the right amount of sass, humor, and cheesy moments. I watch it every year. If you haven’t seen it then you should. You won’t be sorry…well not very sorry.

Question 2.       What is your favourite Christmas memory?

A favorite Christmas memory is harder to isolate. It’s tradition to make new special memories every year, right? If I had to pick one (and apparently I do thanks to Ms. Scott.) A couple years ago my adult daughter and her family came by for an impromptu Christmas Dinner. We’d decided right up until the last minute not to cook a big meal because of the work and the mess. I was getting ready to cook and realized I had a pork roast and chicken thawed out that needed to be cooked. So I called my daughter and invited them over. She came brining not just my son-in-law and grandchildren, but yummy mashed potatoes, rolls, and desert. I added gravy, and green beans. It was messy, chaotic, and so much fun.

Question 3.      What is the best present you've ever received? 

The best present…wow these questions are hard! I’m pretty sure that’s when Silver Publishing released my first book Our December. I know it’s not really present but it sure seemed like it.
Question 4.       What is the best present you've ever given?

I’m a pretty good present giver so figuring out the best one ever isn’t easy. I guess the most fun thing I’ve done is a couple years ago (yep that was a good one) I gave my daughter a ‘fandom’ Christmas with all sorts of memorabilia from stuffing her stocking to the boxed set of her favorite manga. We had as much fun watching her open everything as we did opening our own presents that year.
Question 5.       Santa Claus - real or fake?

A Santa Claus or no Santa is a loaded question for some folks. We don’t have Santa at our house. Money has always been tight and I believed it was important that the kids understand hard work put presents under the tree, not magic. We have magic in our lives in plenty of other places.

Question 6.       What is your favourite Christmas book?

My favorite Christmas book. This is lame, I know, but I honestly don’t have one. I should read a ton of them this year so I have a better answer next year.

Question 7.       Do you like eggnog?

Eggnog is the worst! I’m a definite cocoa person or tea. Tea is good.

Question 8.       What do you eat for Christmas?

Our recently established Christmas dinner tradition is bone-in prime rib roast. We haven’t settled on which side dishes we like best, but the roast is always excellent.

Question 9.       Be honest. When do you put up your tree?

Usually we put up the tree the day after Thanksgiving, but this year due to a busy holiday weekend, we put it up the week before Thanksgiving! Early right?

Question 10.       When do you open your Christmas presents?

We open our presents Christmas morning. We begin with stockings and I hand out the presents and we open them one at a time and enjoy seeing what everyone receives. 

Question 11.       Do you get snow at Christmas?

I live in North Carolina, that’s in the Southern US, and we’ve had snow on Christmas morning one time in all the years I’ve lived here. 47 years. I’m feeling kinda old right now…

Question 12.       What is your favourite Christmas song?

My all-time favorite Christmas song is Go Tell it On the Mountain by the Acappella Company have a listen. My favorite Christmas song to sing is O’ Little Town of Bethlehem.


  1. I agree! Eggnog is the worst!


  2. We are putting up the tree today - for the first time since we had the kids, the parents have dictated when - normally I'm trying to delay a bit but the teenage 'I'm too cool to get excited' years are here!

  3. We haven't put our tree up yet it usually goes up about a week before Christmas and I agree with Eggnog Yuck!


  4. I totally agree about Santa Claus. My parents never lied to my brothers and I, we always knew that they worked for all the presents we received. Nice interview!

  5. Favorite Christmas movie is White Christmas with Bing Crosby, nothing comes close IMO. Favorite Christmas song also White Christmas followed closely by I'll Be Home For Christmas both by Bing Crosby. Lovely actor and wonderful singer. Don't believe in santa but our family did the santa routine. Perfect Christmas involves lots of food, warmth, quiet (except music), and family. :)

  6. I've never had eggnog but I'll have to take your word for it. Anyway who wouldn't rather have a chocolaty drink?
    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  7. I agree. Not an eggnog fan.

  8. We usually put our tree up on the December 1st, however it's gone up kind of late this year due to the fact we've all been ill, not to mention getting the kids to clean up their mess has been difficult. Got the tree done, but still have to put decorations up.
    I agree with you about eggnog, tried it a couple of years ago, didn't like it. Much prefer to have hot chocolate or a coffee with Tia Maria or Kahlua in it. :)

  9. Iv'e never tasted Eggnog and never want to, it sounds kinda eww.

  10. I disagree...I love, love, love eggnog (the unspiked kind from the grocery store). I try not to drink it because it's HIGHLY caloric, but YUM!!!

  11. I disagree...I love, love, love eggnog (the unspiked kind from the grocery store). I try not to drink it because it's HIGHLY caloric, but YUM!!!

  12. I haven't ever had eggnog either not sure whether I want to LOL

  13. YUM eggnog! I want it all year long! lol


  14. My favorite Christmas song is also White Christmas by Bing Crosby. I don't know why just reminds me of good family times.

    I love eggnog too. I think it is delicious!

  15. I'm a frozen hot chocolate person. Quite the oxymoron there lol.