Ask RJ: Pesky characters who won't leave me alone

Elin Gregory asked:  Is there any one of your characters who, despite the new book being set in a different country/time period that he really can't be in, insists on trying to gate crash the story and bounds around in your hind brain making daft suggestions? What do you do to shut him up?

Oh my god, yes. Like, I would LOVE one of my Sanctuary guys to mix it up with my Bodyguards Inc guys. Imagine that. Manny and Ross organising everyone, Kayden smuggling guns into the UK.

I do remember thinking, when I was planning Montana 2, that it would be really cool if Riley or Jack visited. I had this whole storyline in my head where Riley is up in Montana on business, and he brings Jack who demands they stay at a place with *good horses*. Of course it won't come to anything, Riley and Jack are in a very different story to my Montana guys.

Imagine the party if all my characters were in one book. They don't shut up as it is; it would just get worse.

On a serious note, I am able to focus on the book I am writing, and the world I am creating, without too many issues. As soon as I finish one book it's like *I'm done with that one, let's get on with the next one*. Job done.

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