Ask RJ: The Sanctuary Series

Trisha Harrington asked: How many more books will be in the Sanctuary series? Do you plan to revisit any of the couples from the series?

Hi Trisha, thanks for the question.

As you know, Sanctuary is currently 8 books. The first seven covered the Bullen arc, and introduced 6 new couples. In that arc I revisited Joseph and Dale, because I wanted to give the two of them a proper happy ever after. After all, being an active SEAL is somewhat dangerous!

Book 8 started off a whole new arc, the Chicago Tower arc, and the mystery surrounding a murder, with police corruption that runs very deep. I plan to have book 9 with you in the early summer, and book 10 by the end of the year.

Now, as to revisiting characters, I adore Kayden, and I adore Manny... and as for Morgan... LOL... well, I have my favorites. Kayden is the one I would be likely to revisit. Bless him and his weird childhood in the compound, and his snarky sense of humor.

Thing is, and no yelling, I may well write a story about Kayden as a one off, because... he has a sister you see.... *Leave that here with a smile*.

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