Ask RJ: Where should a reader start

Elin Gregory asked: If a brand new shiny first time m/m reader approached you and asked, which of your back list would you suggest they start with as R J Scott entry level fiction?

I get this question a lot (which I am thankful for - it's nice to know people want to try my writing!). I never know what to say. It seems to be as daunting for me to choose one as it is for a potential reader.

My biggest selling series books are the Texas series, the Bodyguards series, the Montana series, The Sanctuary series. All of them are different. Texas and Montan have strong family stories, Bodyguards and Sanctuary are action books.

When it comes to standalone one off books then The Christmas Throwaway, Deefur Dog and The Decisions We Make, are all popular.

I do like writing Christmas stories - I have quite a few of them!

What all my stories have in common is romance, and a HEA!

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