Ask RJ - the connection between Sanctuary and Heroes

Ask RJ - How does the Heroes series tie into the Sanctuary series?

When I wrote Worlds Collide, book 7 in the Sanctuary series, I created a team of SEALs that backed up Joseph. One of those marines was a guy called Viktor, an explosives expert who literally fell out of the closet as Bi half way through Worlds Collide.

I painted him as a guy who was all SEAL and who basically sought sex wherever he could. He was irreverent, a bit scary, but he was loyal. He helped the Sanctuary team, and his part in my books was done.

Except, suddenly he wasn’t. He niggled at me. He interested me. He demanded his own book. BUT, not a Sanctuary book. That arc was done, and as far as I was concerned at that time there were going to be no more Sanctuary books.

But… I did have an idea for a series of loosely linked books looking at heroes. Not just SEALS (book 1), or Marines (book 2), but cops, doctors, paramedics, teachers. And suddenly, I had a place for my hero to appear. The man who I created for the final Sanctuary book abruptly became a character in his own book.

I wanted to explain who he was and I needed to write him. I created an ex, a back story, and Heroes #1, A Reason To Stay, was born.

So although the Heroes series mentions Sanctuary in odd moments, it is not a Sanctuary book as such. But it is an adventure, with heroes and villains, and all kinds of hot love :)


Sam continued, “She’s a clever one, going to be in government one day like Dad. I’m just an artist, and I’m a man, I need to do that stuff, don’t I?”

Mac hesitated. He seemed to be doing a lot of that. His normally quick reactions to situations were lost in the need to say exactly the right thing to Sam.

“You’re important as well,” he said. “And no one is just an artist. What do you like drawing?”

“People. And trees and things, nature, y’know?” Sam offered quickly. He looked shy and had the most intense sincerity in his eyes. When he grew up, when he was legal, he’d be a looker. He was all soft smiles and gorgeous dark green eyes, almost forest green and brown in this light, framed with long sooty lashes.

“How do you think they knew?” Sam half whispered. He was staring down at the parking lot again.

Mac wasn’t following the question. “Knew what?” He turned when the door opened. A nurse hovered on the threshold, but Mac held up a hand indicating five. She frowned and he smiled reassuringly. The last thing Sam needed now was someone fussing over his IV. Mac belatedly wondered if she had psychology experience and he should be asking her to stay, but she had held up three fingers, left, and shut the door after her.

“How did they know I was gay? No one knows. Not even Jo.”

Mac tensed. He suddenly realized where this was going. Sam thought his captors had abused him in the way they did because he was gay?

“It wouldn’t have mattered—”

“They hated me, and they hurt me. I don’t want that with any man I’m with.” Sam was broken, his voice harsh and his tears tracking down his cheeks.

Mac laid a hand on his shoulder and tugged him a little to pull him close. “It doesn’t have to hurt, kid.”

Sam leaned into him. “I can’t be gay.”

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