Signed paperbacks fundraising for Autism Awareness

For Autism Awareness month I have joined in with the TTC Books autism auction...

This year I am offering signed copies of The Heart of Texas, Crooked Tree Ranch, and Bodyguards Inc Volume 1

How it works

There is an album on the blog facebook page, TTC Books and more. Each item up for bid will have it's own image and a detailed description of the item(s) you are bidding on.

The auction will run from 12:01AM on April 1st - 12:01AM on April 30th. The highest bid at 12:01AM on April 30th will win that item.

{Follow this link to the Facebook album where you can place your bids}

Autism Auction 2016 Donating list

RJ Scott

1. Signed copy of The Heart Of Texas
2. Signed Copy of Bodyguards Inc Volume 1
3. Crooked Tree Ranch (Montana book 1)

Other authors/promoters/Audio

TM Smith
Signed paperback copies of the All Cocks series
(Gay for Pay, Fame and Fortune, How to Deal, Dare to Hope)
w/Bonus $10 Amazon giftcard from Author Andrew Jericho

Kindle Alexander
Signed paperback copies of the Nice Guys series
(Double Full, Full Disclosure, Full Domain)

AE Via
Signed paperback copies of the Nothing Special series
(Nothing Special, Embracing His Syn, Here Comes Trouble, Don't Judge w/bonus swag)
(US Only)

Dreamspinner Press
2- $25 giftcards for Dreamspinner Press, DSP Publications or Harmony Ink
(delivered electronically)

Susan MacNicol
Signed paperback copy of Worth Keeping w/a $20 Amazon giftcard

Rie Warren
Signed paperback copies of The Carolina Bad Boys series
(Stone, Love, Steele, and Chrome plus a $25 Amazon giftcard)
(US Only)

Ann Lister
A complete Rock Gods signed paperback set, all 7 books
A Rock Gods T-shirt XL
A Rock Gods coffee mug, 14 ounce
(US Only)

Sara York
A complete Colorado Heart signed paperback set, all 6 books

Morticia Knight
A complete Kiss of Leather signed paperback set, all 4 books
*NOTE* Book four doesn't release until June, you will get this book as soon as the
Author receives the print copies to ship*

Cate Ashwood
A Forced Silence signed paperback
(US/Canada only)

Jay Aheer
Authors only
1)1 E-book only cover with up to 4 changes
2)1 Facebook Banner with up to 4 changes
Everyone can bid
1)Exclusive/Unique image postcards
(6 postcards per set, digitally painted images)
*FOUR sets available*
^2 winners will bid ^ 2 winners will be chosen randomly^
2)18x18 Canvas Print | Fallen Valentine

Rick R Reed
Signed paperback copy of The Couple Next Door
(US Only)

Teodora Kostova
A complete West End series signed paperback set w/bonus copy of Snowed In
and a $10 Amazon giftcard
(US Only)

Leta Blake
1)Training Season signed paperback copies (Training Season and Training Complex)
2)The River Lieth
3)Smokey Mountain Dreams
(US Only)

Sandrine Gasq-Dion
Signed paperback copies the Rock series
(Fret, Jinxed, Harley's Achiles)

KC Wells
Signed paperback copy of First

Andrew Grey
Singed paperback copy of 1 book in the Carlisle Cops series
(Winners Choice)
(US Only)

Charlie Cochet
THIRDS swag bag that includes series unique swag and
ONE signed paperback from the series (Winner’s choice)

Jacob Flores
Signed paperback copy of When Love Takes Over
(US only)

Geoffrey Knight (Wilde City Press)
5 - $10 WCP giftcards
(to be delivered electronically. Note: once a giftcard is entered onto the site for this publisher, the entire amount must be used at that point of sale.
This is why WCP is giving 5- $10 giftcards instead of 1- $50 giftcard)

Jeff Adams
Signed paperback set of the Hat Trick trilogy
(US only)

EC Hibbs
2 separate (2 winners) fairy and fantasy submissions for a recreation from Elphame Arts
and each winner will receive a 25% off giftcard for another submission.

Rhys Ford
Signed paperback copy of Fishstick Fridays

Greg Tremblay
for readers: A personalized something recorded for them.
Voicemail, whatever. 5 minutes or less, in character or not.
for authors: Up to 30 minutes of book promo material or a teaser

Sean Crisden
for authors: 5 minutes of book promo/trailer narration
for readers: A personalized recording or voicemail

Marie Sexton
1)Signed paperback copies of the Coda series
(Promises, A to Z, The Letter Z and Paris A to Z (together in one print anthology), Strawberries for Dessert, and Shotgun)
3)Signed paperback copy of Winter Oranges
4)Signed paperback copy of Trailer Trash

Z. Allora
Signed paperback copies of Finally Fallen (The Dark Angels #3)
Happy Holidays (The Dark Angels #4)
One bear bag from Heidelberg Germany
and one strand of fresh water pearls from Suzhou China with a pearl & sterling clasp.
(US Only)

Enticing Journey Book Promotions
Author’s only
1 Cover Reveal (no reviews)
1 Standard release blitz (no reviews)

LM Somerton
Signed paperback copy of Stroke Rate

{Follow this link to the Facebook album where you can place your bids}


  1. radrichard222@gmail. com3 April 2016 at 07:55

    So -- some effort to find out more about R.J. Scott keeps leading me to more and more advertising of books (plus some stuff on Autism). Thus question (male or female author?) is never answered--perhaps assiduously avoided? Anybody know? Anybody tell?

    1. Never avoided. I'm a female author. I often talk about being a mum to my kids, and also use 'she' in all my marketing matter... hugs. Xxx