Romance Recommendations - Catherine Gayle M/F Hockey Romance

Recently I discovered Hockey romance. Well, when I say recently what I mean is, that I have always loved romance stories based around hockey, but just the last month or so I have mainlined them like never before.

I also made a decision to support a team. Based purely on the best looking hockey players out there, because, hey I know nothing, and shallow seemed a good place to start, I am now a proud supporter of the Pittsburgh Penguins. When I started following them they lost their first game against the Capitals, and yes, I was thinking *bad luck charm*. Luckily we're now 3-1 up so, yay... *says no more*.

I'm hoping to feature some of my favorite hockey romance authors on here, but meanwhile I  thought I'd start collating some recommendations. I wont rate them out of five or anything like that, I just hope my enthusiasm comes through in the short (very short) reviews.

First up is the entire Portland Storm series, by Catherine Gayle. I literally read them back  to back, and loved every minute. Series books fascinate me, I think because I love to see *what happens next* for my favourite characters. The full list of books is here:

There is a also a *spin off* series called The Tulsa Thunderbirds - which is equally awesome.

Both recommended reads for strong stories, passionate romance, and dramatic action on the ice.

Portland Storm
Ice Breaker (Portland Storm #0.5)
On the Fly (Portland Storm #2)
Taking A Shot (Portland Storm #2.5)
Light the Lamp (Portland Storm #3)
Delay of Game (Portland Storm #4)
Double Major (Portland Storm #4.5)
In the Zone (Portland Storm #5)
Holiday Hat Trick (Portland Storm #5.5)
Comeback (Portland Storm #6)
Dropping Gloves (Portland Storm #7)
Home Ice (Portland Storm #7.5)
Losing an Edge (Portland Storm #8)
Game Breaker (Portland Storm #9)

I may have fallen in love with Jamie, bless him... 

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