How Much For The Whole Night? A free read...

Josh is mid divorce, fighting for custody of his son and escaping a marriage built on lies. In a bar the night before final hearings he meets a hooker with a body made of sin.

Just one night of being true to himself, one night of being held down and made to feel? Surely that isn’t too much to ask?

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"...If you like hot stories with a major surprise, if you enjoy reading about men who are desperate to feel and follow their hearts, and if you're looking for a short, hot read, then you will probably enjoy this free short story." - Serena Yates


  1. This is a lovely gesture, thank you. Never say no to a free book from one of my favourite authors :)

  2. Thank you! Have all of your books .. love adding any other of your writings .. big or small!

  3. I read this book when RJ first wrote it. IT! IS! HOT! Erotic and sexy, full of angst, but emotion too. I loved it! Please take advantage of this awesome free story!