We have moved to a new website

After much cursing I'm now over on Wordpress. It's hard moving from something you know really well, but over on the new site I have greater control over style and substance :)

To find me just go to rjscott.co.uk.

I also have a fancy new events calendar over there that you can connect to your calendars so you don't miss new releases.

This blog site will remain here, with all the content, BUT, all of this content has actually been transferred over to the new site, so you won't miss anything from the archives.

Come visit and have a look at coming soon and the new events calendar and all the visiting authors. :)

Go to: rjscott.co.uk for the new site. 



  1. I'd like to read your post about endless reviews (sound a bit fishy!), but it won't load. The others seem to work OK so far.

  2. I really like and appreciate your post.Thanks Again. Keep writing.