Abernathy, K - from his book *Shifter Law*, 1654 - 2008

Page 73 - Comment from K Abernathy in footnote to case law pertaining to Shifter/Human relations:
It is not uncommon for a wolf and human to have sexual relations. This is without exception when the shifter is in human form. Indeed, subsection C carries penalties should a shifter in Wolf form have intercourse with a human. The Pennsylvania Settlement of 2000 is notorious for the application of this law. Authorities dealt with a group of shifters and humans who were offering this cross-species deviancy to those who could pay and breaking wolves to do so. It is said by many that this single chilling case led directly to the formation of the Wolf / Human police liaison team in 2007.

Excerpt from Shattered Secrets by Diane Adams and RJ Scott
The bull pen was quiet with Joe scowling at a computer screen and Nick straddling a chair turned backwards, grinning at his partner's distress.
"How many times do I have to tell you? No porn at work," Rob offered as he leaned against his own desk.
"Not porn," Joe muttered. He was clearly not rising to any teasing at the moment, which made whatever he was looking at important. Cop-attitude slid over Rob in an instant, and he straightened. He hadn’t been called in, but cases happened in the blink of an eye and maybe this was a new one. Murder possibly?
"What have we got?"
"An anniversary." Nick smirked, and Joe threw him a dirty look. "A forgotten anniversary."
Rob relaxed. Not a job then, which was a relief. It looked like maybe the exhaustion from his rough night was going to remain hidden from prying eyes in paperwork duties. He had to get in the expected dig. "You forgot your anniversary? Shit, man, Mara is going to kill you."
Nick chuckled. "She already has. This is our wolf-boy, post ear-bending."
"What are you going to get her?" It was an innocent question, but Joe looked up at him, and the distress on his face made Rob wish he’d kept his mouth shut. Dan arrived at his desk, holding two coffees, called a hello and passed one to Rob, who gripped it gratefully. His partner certainly knew how to kick-start Rob's day. He sensed Dan was going to say something as he was looking at him curiously, and he cut it off at the pass. "Come on, tell us your ideas so far."
"I don't know. Everything I get her is wrong now. It's like her hormones are perpetually screwed." Compassion washed over Rob. He would never know what it was like to have a hormonal, pregnant wife, but he could sympathize with the real distress on his friend's face. "I got her something for the baby for Christmas, this cute red T with a wolf pup and a slogan about mommy, but that was wrong ’cause it wasn’t actually for her, and did I think more of the baby than her? What kind of wolf am I to think his mate didn’t want a gift? Then, thinking on that, I got her this really expensive perfume for her birthday, but she just said it made her feel sick, and why couldn’t I think of the baby? I can't freaking win." He frantically pressed buttons on the scarred, dirty keyboard, as if the internet could solve all the problems in his life if he just hit the keys hard enough.
Published 27 August – pre order with Silver Publishing

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