Wikipedia: Pures v Pack, Riots 1979

From Wikipedia: Pures v Pack Riots 1979, fighting between local gangs and City Packs occurred in the Seachange district in Los Angeles. It lasted 153 hours and subsequently led to a 'pure flight' from the area.

Excerpt from Shattered Secrets by Diane Adams and RJ Scott
"Wolves are vulnerable during their first year of change, especially the females, but males too. The dangers of forced marking or breaking are heightened.” Breaking was the stuff of horror stories and nightmares. Just like humans could break dogs to their will, wolves could be broken as well.
"I know what breaking is," Rob interrupted.
It was a vicious ugly process, but the result was a person without self will, one who would do anything for a master. Jamie shivered inwardly and then continued. "During our first year of change, breaking can be accomplished with minimal effort, especially if the wolf is mated, or even what you call imprinted, first.”
Rob put down his pen, flexing his fingers that had cramped from scribbling furiously. Eyes closed, his face strained, he pinched the bridge of his nose. "Imprint? Isn't that just another word for wolves mating?"
"No. Our wolf side looks for a mate, or a mentor. Just another way that allows us to stay safe, emotionally or physically."
"Yes, I know, wolves imprint on each other."
Jamie hesitated. His conscience pricked at him to be honest, but his guilt stopped him at the last minute. "Yeah," he replied, dropping his gaze to the bacon on his plate.
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