Darach (The Fire Trilogy)


Darach is distraught. Not only has he lost his best friend Kian to worlds unknown, but he is unable to follow. The only time someone of his world can pass to the Other World is when the barriers are thinnest at All Hallows Eve, but he can't wait that long. He needs to find Kian NOW before the Other World destroys him. Who in Uffern knows what is happening to his friend in the dangerous other place.

There is only one solution, he needs greater magic to pass across to the other world.

There is an ancient tribe of travellers, Cariad, that City people are told to avoid, users of magic so perverted and awful that just to talk of them means instant banishment from Council run City.

This tribe, the Cariad, are the stuff of children's nightmares, stories of death and destruction follow this tribe wherever they go, users of strong magic. It's only his desperate need to rescue Kian that drives him to make contact with the Cariad, and with Ceithin.

Not is all as it seems, and with the Guardian of the Fire tracking them down, Ceithin must teach Darach the ways long forgotten to control Fire, before they are found.

From City prison, to Cariad Valley, with Fire and elements, and with Kian and Regan's story continuing, Darach is book two in the Fire Trilogy.

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