Twelve Days of Christmas, Day 7 - Jay Northcote

Today's visiting author is the fabulous Jay Northcote.

For her giveaway Jay is offering an ebook from her back catalogue including her Christmas story - details below. A winner will be picked on 26th December at 6pm, GMT.

Question 1: What is your favourite Christmas movie?
I have a huge soft spot for The Snowman, even though it makes me cry, because I associate it with my childhood. I just adore the music and Aled Jones’s angelic choirboy voice.
Question 2: What is your best Christmas memory?
I’m not sure I have one specific one. Lots of good memories of childhood Christmases kind of roll into one. I always adored Christmas as a child because as the youngest of a large family, it was one of the few times in the year when all three of my sisters came home at the same time. I remember lots of laughter, silliness, and fun.
Question 3: What is the best present you’ve received?
A few years after my mum died, one of my sisters gave me a photo box with old pictures of my mum and dad in it, including some of my mum and me together. That was a really lovely gift because I didn’t have many photos of her. 
Question 4: What is the best present you’ve given?
Last year I gave Mr Northcote a pair of Wallace and Gromit hankies, because of schmoopy romantic reasons. It’s a long story, but the short version is that we wouldn’t have ended up together if it hadn’t been for a pair of Wallace and Gromit hankies that he used for morris dancing with. How could I not fall head over heels in love with someone who is adorable enough to be excited by Wallace and Gromit hankies? The original ones are long gone, so I bought him a new set <3
Question 5: Santa Claus – real or fake?
Fake, thankfully. If a real random guy turned up at my house and tried to come down my chimney (that sounds dirtier out loud than it did in my head) I’d freak out!
Question 6: What is your favourite Christmas book?
Blame it on the Mistletoe by Eli Easton. I must re-read it this year. It’s such a cute story.
Question 7: Do you like eggnog?
I’ve never tried it.
Question 8: What do you eat at Christmas?
We have the traditional British thing of roast turkey (nut roast for the vegetarians), stuffing, roast potatoes, sprouts (of course) and carrots. We don’t bother with Christmas pudding though, because nobody really likes it. We just eat lots of chocolate and cheese instead. 
Question 9: Be honest, when do you put up the Christmas tree?
As late as possible. I like to delay the gratification because then I’m more excited about it. We usually put it about about 7-10 days before Christmas, usually on a weekend.  
Question 10: When do you open your presents?
After breakfast on Christmas morning, but the kids open their stockings as soon as they wake up.
Question 11: Do you have snow at Christmas?
Sadly, very rarely. I can remember it twice in my lifetime I think. I have high hopes for this year, that will probably be dashed when it rains again. 
Question 12: What is the best – all-time – Christmas song. Ever!
Stop the Cavalry by Jona Lewie. That was in the charts when I was a kid and I’ve loved it ever since.

What Happens at Christmas by Jay Northcote

Buylinks: Amazon

Blurb: When two friends pose as boyfriends, could what happens at Christmas turn into something more?

Justin is recently and unhappily single. Christmas is coming, and he doesn’t want to face his ex alone at their office party. So Sean—Justin’s best mate and long-time secret crush—volunteers to go with him and pretend to be his new flame.

Sean has always lusted after Justin from afar, but there’s never been a good opportunity to ask him for more than friendship. Posing as Justin’s boyfriend isn’t a chore, and if Justin wants to rebound onto him, Sean’s more than willing. At the party pretence and reality blur, and a kiss on the dance floor leads to a night of passion.

In the aftermath, they both assume it was a one-time thing until fate intervenes. Stuck together in London over the holidays, they give in to temptation again. But what happens at Christmas stays at Christmas... right?


  1. This looks great! I'll add it to my "to be read" list

  2. Blame it on the Mistletoe is on my list of favorites. However, there are so many good Christmas stories out there and more being released each year. I con't think I have a favorite. Great interview!

  3. OMG. I now have horrible visions of Santa doing unmentionable things down my chimney.

  4. Wallace & Gromit cute

  5. Oh yes, Jona Lewie, great song.
    I have trouble these days when I see Aled Jones (on ITT recently) and reconciling him to that voice from so many years ago now!!

  6. I love the look of your new book :D

  7. I love a good Christmas story... And I love Jay's books, so What Happens at Christmas is a certain must read for me

  8. Great post "If a real random guy turned up at my house and tried to come down my chimney..." I never thought about it that way! Haven't got a chimney so I'm safe! Love the Wallace and Grommit Hankerchiefs.

  9. Your Xmas dinner sounds lovely, all except the sprouts, can't stand the things, but the rest is yummy. Your new book sounds wonderful too, will definitely be getting that. :)

  10. I've been introduced to several new Christmas songs while reading these questionnaires. I guess I don't get out much. :-) (and I'm still shocked by the number of people who've never tried eggnog)

  11. Great Q&A. #5 does certainly put matters in a different perspective. Home invasion would freak me out too, lol.
    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  12. Great interview! Question 5 is so true! Thankfully I don't have a chimney either.

  13. Thanks for the Q&A, I'm getting hungry when reading question 8 and everybody in my Household (kids included) likes brussel sprouts LOL


  14. This was another one of my Christmas reads, I really enjoyed it.

  15. We do stockings right away as well.