All Romance eBooks, LLC 2011 Trend Analysis

As a self published author with All Romance Ebooks (Love is in the title and Love is in the Hallways, YA) I receive emails from them every so often and I have just have a *review of the year* email and thought you may be interested in some of their results:

They receive 5.8 million hits/month to their website - I wish I did...

All Romance, has an Alexa rank in the U.S. of 6,330 (trust me as an ex web designer that is *very good*)

Total publishers with ARe in 2011 = Approx 7600

Romance titles in inventory 2011 = over 65,000 - around 7,300 of those are labelled *GAY*

What amazes me is that it is often *GAY* books that end up in the top ten on the right hand side! We rock!
The bulk of sales are to U.S. customers. The top ten markets sold to are: United States, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, India, New Zealand Philippines, Malaysia, and the Netherlands.


Incidentally the top ten U.S. markets are California, Texas, New York, Florida, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Illinois, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Last but by no means least... the most interesting statistic to me... Buying gender for all romance books: Female = 89% - Male = 11%... I wonder if that is the same for *gay* books... interesting...


  1. and I'm so not surprised about the Netherlands being in there, because ebooks over here is just ... well, not really catching on yet, so we have to resort to foreign markets (well, except amazon. I just found out that if I want to buy my own book, I pay double what it costs at my publisher's ... *sigh*)
    Still ...

  2. Hi RJ,

    I was thinking about posting some of these numbers on my blog, too. Personally, I uploaded two titles to All Romance Ebooks on December 1, and I've sold about four times as many books there this month as on Amazon Kindle. Another number I'd like to mention is the 97 percent of books that are three "flames" or higher. Sexy stuff sells on that site. :)

    Nice to meet you -- good luck with your books on All Romance Ebooks and beyond. :)