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Welcome to Toni Griffin, fellow Silver author and writer of the best selling Holland Brothers series... So many questions so little time...

RJ: Being in the Southern hemisphere do you really have Christmas in the heat?

TG: Lol. Oh yeah. The temperatures are usually between thirty and thirty-five degrees Celsius and that doesn’t even include the humidity. If it rains then the day can get extremely hot and muggy. Thank god for air conditioning and my pool is all I have to say.

RJ: *shudders* I hate the heat! ROFL... *sends you some ice*... So I love *My Christmas Present* just saying... how about telling us something about the book... and my favourite demand... sum up your characters in a FEW words...

TG: You kind of get used to it after you’ve lived here your entire life. I love the place, heat and all. So...My Christmas Present...Is my first endeavor into cowboys. It’s about Lucas a fresh faced twenty something, who’s just finished university and is finally coming home to stay. And Mitchell, a nearly forty year old seasoned cowboy, who Lucas has been in love with for the last nine years. The one big problem is that Mitchell is Lucas’ father’s best friend.

RJ: Well I read it in one sitting and I loved it! I notice it is in the Silver top ten so I must not be the only one!

This isn’t your first published work with Silver, as I mentioned up there you have the Holland Brother’s books... they were incredibly popular...congratulations! Was that quadrilogy your first foray into writing …?

TG: Thanks, I’m really glad you liked MCP. I find it extremely nerve racking when i have a new release. This one especially as this was my first contemporary.

To tell you the truth I'm still stunned at how popular the Holland Brothers has been. It was my first foray in to writing and I never thought I would have my first book published let alone five of them. It still amazes me sometimes. I’m so much more a Maths person than an English one. My editor really must hate me. lol.

The wonderful Reese Dante covers for the Holland Brothers series with Silver Publishing

RJ: Had you done any writing before?

TG: Never. I was reading a fair bit due to a few personal issues, I would just pick up a story and lose myself in the words on the page and get to forget about all the drama at home. Then one day as I was leaving work Brian popped into my head and started talking. The man just wouldn’t shut up, so I gave in and wrote his story. Can’t say I'm too mad at him now.

RJ: How do you like writing for Silver? Oh and name check your editor! My editor is Devin and she is a goddess amongst goddesses... her and Kathy save my life daily... otherwise all of my heroes would have three arms, changing eye colour and different names!

TG: I love writing for Silver. Devin was fantastic and actually was the editor for my first two books. But at the moment Jason has done my last three and I love him. He catches so many of my stupid little mistakes. Sometimes I just have to roll my eyes at myself and wonder what the hell I was thinking when I typed that.

RJ: So a successful series, a wonderful Christmas story... what is next for Toni Griffin?

TG: I Have Frankie’s Vamp submitted and due out in April 2012. This is book one in my Hot Encounters Series. At the moment I am currently writing Dealing with the Dead. This is book one in The Thompson Agency series. This is about Necromancers. So I'm hoping to have a little fun with that. And for everyone who keeps asking me about my wolves, I will then be starting The Atherton Pack. So that should keep me pretty busy for a while.

RJ: Lastly the, before I let you go write, tell me quick answers to the following questions:

Castle in bullet proof Writer vest... something all writers need.
Favourite Film: How the hell do I answer that.... Ummm. Love the Pirates of the Caribbean films, Seen the Die Hard and Lethal Weapon movies more times than I can count growing up. Any girly movie really. there’s nothing wrong with a good romantic comedy in my book.

Favourite TV Show: Love Bones and Castle... oh and Big Bang Theory for a laugh

Favourite Christmas Song: Don’t really have a fave xmas song but my fave normal song is Bruno Mars - Just the way you are. I listened to that song so many times when I was writing Forbidden Mate

Your most wonderful Christmas Memory: Every Christmas with my Daughter is a memory I will cherish and keep forever

Your favourite Christmas present *EVER*: When I was a kid my brothers and I got a Trampoline from Santa. As an Adult …. I honestly can’t think of a single gift I've received in the last ten years that is truly memorable.... hmmm Will have to spend some time and think on that. I’m sure there has to be something. lol

RJ: Thank you so much for taking the time to come chat with me! Have a wonderful Christmas and your daughter too!

TG: Thank you so much for inviting me along. I’ve had a blast.


Toni’s books can all be found at Silver Publishing and her website is

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