MM Good Book Reviews

Texas Heat 4/5: I will recommend this to those who love sexy cowboys, hunky businessmen, horny photographers, cute kids, supportive family and a happy ending.

Full Circle 4/5: So I highly recommend this if you like intrigue, a touch of action, adrenalin rushes, some really hot sex, guns, computers and a happy ending. (Make sure you keep an eye out for Jake’s and Sean’s story around November time.)
Still Waters 4.5/5: R.J. Scott has provided us with a wonderful story of lovers torn apart by betrayal, a bit of action, a bit of danger, some passionate sex, twists and a really well written storyline that flows smoothly. So, really I have to recommend that you give it a read.

Face Value 4/5: I liked all the secondary characters (except the Bullens) even the FBI guy (although I felt perverse pleasure at his frustration) and I felt so sorry for poor Austin (the family lawyer), we get to see Manny again and we meet Adam who is also with Sanctuary. So how many more stories can we look forward to? *Squee*

The Decisions We Make 5/5: "...Not every adult fiction writer can transition well into the world of young adult romance. RJ Scott is one that can. Decisions We Make is a really well-written story. ... The ending is great and I hope we get to see Jamie and Daniel as they head off to UCLA. As a mom, I closed this book knowing most teenage romances don’t last, but hoping that this one does. Highly recommend..." (Published with Love Lane Books - Available from Amazon and ARe)

The Only Easy Day 4/5: So I will recommend this to those who love danger, explosive car chases, hot sex, total alpha men, bloody rescues and a happy (for these men) ending.

The Gallows Tree 4/5: Pixie: A really great story that brings together the past and the present while weaving a tale of hardship, fear, trust and love. When Cody starts to hear voices he puts it down to stress but when something appears before him he begins to think that he has lost his mind, with the help of Sebastian he starts to dig into village history only to find it might be the ancestors of not just his family but of Sebastian’s as well. If you also liked the Fitzwarren Inheritance Trilogy then you will love this as it is in the same vein.

Portia: The Gallows Tree is a typical RJ Scott angst filled drama, but it is also a brilliant thriller with a touch of the paranormal. Definitely darker, than say, The Christmas Throwaway. I feel like I’ve experienced a shift in the evolution of RJ Scott.

Guarding Morgan 4/5: The relationship between these two is hot and sparks fly. The progression is fast and the feelings come quickly. They seem well matched, but it isn’t easy for them. What with worrying about the case and being stuck in a remote cabin for two weeks. The danger is very realistic and wasn’t over the top. The storyline was brilliant and the plot kept you reading. It was smoothly written and there isn’t too much going on that you get lost. The sex is hot and sensual and made me want more of it...

Shattered Secrets (With Diane Adams) 4/5: Pixie: I thought the way that Rob handled everything was masterful, Jamie was headstrong and willful the supporting characters were incredible, too. They really added to the story. The story line is fantastic and written really well. Hopefully, this is opening up a new avenue in shifter stories where we have more realistic story lines and a different aspect to the ‘mating’ rules.

Portia: Since this is obviously part of a series, there are some nice tidbits that will make you want to read the next story. The problem, if not the actual bad guys, is identified and the book ends on a deliciously suspenseful note. But, I didn’t have that unsatisfied feeling of incompletion that is too often present in series novellas. If I never read another book in this series, I felt that Scott/Adams wrote a complete story.

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