What's coming in 2012: Elizabella Gold

Coming Soon 

Hollow in My Heart

Giving it a Name, to be published by Dreamspinner Press in summer 2012

Submitted for Consideration

I’m working on a submission for Silver Publishing’s A Mind is a Sexy Thing anthology. *fingers crossed*
This year I hope to get a publication offer, somehow, someway, for a psychological/historical novel I’ve been working on. It’s been my cherished baby for a few years now, and I think it’s ready for the world.

In my head…

I’m hoping to write one or two m/f romances sometime this year, for a change, although m/m will always be my first and best love:-) I’m also hoping to write some more m/m historical fic.

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  1. arella3173_loveless13 January 2012 at 02:34

    oh! yes, I've had my eye on Hollow in My Heart, for a while now. :D heh.. look forward to the other books too. :3