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Beginning Again: Finding Peace #1 to be released from Silver Publishing February 25th! Buy Link

Pain and loss are nothing new to David.  They were old friends who stayed too long.  Finally being able to full-fill a longtime goal by transferring to Capstone Ridge University, David McCourt was hoping to put his past behind him.  Even if it meant keeping his head down and staying away from his roommates and everybody else.   All David really wants is an honest chance to start over with a clean slate and a new life, complications he does not.

Short replies and avoidance were new to Bobby.  Everybody liked him.  Bobby Daniels didn’t want a robot for a roommate.  After seeing the hurt David carried around, Bobby made up his mind to help his awkward roommate come out of his shell.  Dragging David if he had to, with the help of friends and a nutty professor.

Being attracted to guys wasn’t anything for Jackson Black.  It was something he ignored and tried to change for years.  Thinking if he found the right women or she found him, Jackson would have his problem fixed.  What he wasn’t counting on was the intense stare of David McCourt.

Between friends, a one-night stand and Jackson, David has his hands full trying to figure life out.  When David gets hurt, will he be able to recover?  Or is it the final straw that sends him over the edge?  To keep David together, friends and lovers surround him trying to help close the wounds, but will it be enough?

Please Note: This title is a TBC and is a cross genre series, including m/m, m/f and menage relationships.

Incubation: Finding Peace #2 is being released in May of this year.

After David’s attack, the makeshift group that has become his friends, tries to form a protective cocoon round him. Holding him together. The problem is, they don’t know the whole story and David finds the constant noise a distraction instead of helpful.

Can this makeshift rag-tag group of friends make a family, or will old secrets bury them all? And how well will the community and campus react to David?

In my head…

Days Gone By: A Finding Peace Back Story  - currently being edited for submission

The year is 1980, the senior year of four friends at Capstone Ridge University. Junnosuke Ito, Absalom Feld, Neil Cook and Henry Wilson have bought a house together off campus and are in the process of renovating it, making it a home. All of the friends are close, but Abby’s unspoken preferences are put to the test when his feelings for Neil come to a front. One particular day, during a presentation gone wrong for Abby, their relationships change turning friends into something more, but less than lovers.

Neil’s boundaries are tested when feelings of lust and attraction lead him to look at Abby in a new light. But he isn’t gay, just Abby, right? Neil just knows he doesn’t want anybody but him touching Abby. And when Abby runs, what will Neil do?

Henry and Jun watch as the friendship between Abby and Neil get tested. The problem facing the two friends is, do they interfere or stay out of it? And the question remains, will Abby be able to handle his confusing, and at times painful, circumstances?

The Winding Path: Finding Peace #3

The conclusion of David’s arc in the Finding Peace Series

Untitled: Finding Peace #4 

Conclusion of Becca’s arc

In My Darkest Hour: Finding Peace #5

Conclusion of Chris’s arc

Untitled: Finding Peace #6

Untitled: Finding Peace #7

Moving Mountains - A short story I’m working on.

George Sanders is collecting data for his doctoral thesis in the great outdoors with his friend and lab assistant Max Flint. Something has been bothering George for months, but he hasn’t been able to put his finger on it. While in the field, Max’s unusual behavior makes George aware of his friend in a way he hadn’t considered before and he’s not sure he likes it, Max is leaving for graduate school in the fall. Will George finally get a clue or will a missed opportunity haunt him once his friend is gone?

Lay Me Down: Sheltered #2

This is a sequel to Tears for Christmas, a continuation of Danny and Gabriel’s story.

Danny finally admitted his love for Gabe, and Gabe feels it’s time to take the next step. Or in their cases, next several steps. Gabe wants the two of them to make their relationship official, move in together and have more kids. Riding high off of Danny’s confession, Gabe’s feelings are wounded when Danny doesn’t hop immediately on board, making him question his lover’s commitment.

Dan loves Gabriel, wants more than anything to make him happy, his lover saved him from rock bottom. But when Gabriel asks Dan about moving in and getting married, he hedges. Worries over his son and in-laws, and how they’ll react to a more permanent relationship between the lovers, weigh heavily on Dan. Roger may have condoned his relationship with Gabe, but Lilia still isn’t a hundred percent on board, and will Roger really be okay with Dan marrying again or the rest of Luke’s family for that matter? Can he continue to make the family he started with Luke or is it too much to ask?

Moving On - my NaNo project.

Photojournalist  Michael Davis is driving across the country to visit the one person he promised to never, ever see again. Nate Williams was his best 'friend' in college and his wife, Sarah, had been a good friend of Michael's too. Watching them get married, start successful careers and have something Michael thought he could ever have or with the person he wanted, broke something inside him. He knew he had to let his friends go when they moved away from the midwest to California. But despite his efforts, phone calls, emails and Facebook have managed to keep them as a part of his life.

And now, seven years and Nate and Sarah’s two kids later, Michael finds himself talked into a cross-country trip to visit his friends as Sarah waits to give birth to their third kid after experiencing a rough pregnancy. Can Michael really stand to see his friends so happy and in love? Will Michael be able to watch Nate and Sarah in their marital bliss or will their happy home push Michael further to the edge?

As he tries to reconcile his long-time unrequited love, Michael will be pushed past his boundaries of solitude and longing. Can Michael be able to let everything go on the journey back to redemption and find what he's been looking for? Even if it's someone he found on the side of the road?

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