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Moments 4.25/5: Moments has a terrific story to tell and Scott delivers it concisely, and with great clarity about her subject. I connected with these characters and that kept me by their sides every step of the way to the end. Don’t hesitate to pick this one up!

The Fireman and the Cop 4.5/5: The Fireman and the Cop is a taut little mystery wrapped inside a love story and is most certainly a delightful read!

The Journal of Sanctuary One 5/5: And The Journal of Sanctuary One brings the investigation back to its very beginnings, including something I didn’t see coming, and back to Jake Callahan whose father started the Sanctuary organization and who built Sanctuary One. The author really pulls together all the elements from each book, including some I didn’t realize were important, to finish off the Bullens once and for all. We get a closer understanding not only of who Jake is, and what has driven him all these years, but that of Sean Hansen, an enigma whose story we have been waiting to hear. Scott has included most of the characters we love from the other stories, even if we only see and hear them over the phones and Skype.

As I got to the end of Face Value, I immediately wanted to reach for the next book. And then the one after that. I want to know more, I want more of Beck and Kayden (they are that interesting and they deserve it). I want to see the Bullen family pulled down and justice served. Of course, I also want more Dale and Joseph from The Only Easy Day, as well as Nik and Morgan from Guarding Morgan. Book by book, Scott is building my Sanctuary addiction and now I can't wait for the next one. The next couple. And perhaps a glimpse of those we have already met and loved.

Guarding Morgan 4.5/5: The murder mystery started here definitely engaged my curiosity and I can't wait to see how it all plays out. Sanctuary is a wonderful umbrella for exciting new characters and government intrigue. I think this will be a great series. I look forward to reading them all.

The Only Easy Day 4.75/5: The Only Easy Day is a continuation of the Sanctuary series that started with Guarding Morgan. I have recently read that one, but you don't need to in order to love this book. It is Joseph Kinnon and Dale MacIntyre that have me hooked. And it is my hopes for their future that will keep me coming back for more. I loved this and hope you will too.

All the King's Men 4/5: In many ways this story is also a cautionary tale of how easily the infrastructure we all depend upon can crumble. While it is clear that Scott has done her research, it is a credit to her that it never feels that way, from the National Guard, to the makeshift mobile medical tents, all beautifully rendered in every detail. The true main character here is not Ryan or Nathan, it is the earthquake and the destructive power of Nature. It will leave the greatest impact upon the reader.

Splintered Lies by Diane Adams and R.J. Scott 4/5

A Better Man by R.J. Scott and Jaime Reese 5/5

Texas Heat by R.J. Scott 4.75/5

Full Circle by R.J. Scott 4.75/5

Still Waters by R.J. Scott 4.25/5

Face Value 4.25/5

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