Steve Walker Artist

I was chatting with a friend about art that I liked and I mentioned a brilliant artist called Steve Walker. She told me he died earlier this year. I can not believe I didn't know.

What was going to be me pointing you in the direction of his art to show you (if you hadn't already found him) has now turned into more of a thank you.

I can't describe the connection between his art and my writing in easy words.

I guess the easiest way to explain is that in each of my books I have what I like to think is a defining scene.

In Back Home it is Jordan sitting on the steps up to his room talking to Keiran. In Throwaway it is the moment Zachary is found in the snow. In Texas it is the image of Jack falling to his knees next to his sister when he realises what has happened to her.

I look at Steve's art and I can see a crystallisation of the moment that I aspire to and every single one of his paintings could be used to inspire an entire book.

I'm sorry there wont be any more of his wonderful paintings.

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