Calling all GLBTQ authors, editors, publishers, artists...

I've been a published author nearly two years now...back in August 2010 Silver Publishing published my first ever novel - Oracle.

As a way of celebrating what has been an amazing two years I will be having a two day weekend celebration of what it is like to become an author.

I would like a blog hop from fellow GLBTQ authors, artists, reviewers, and publishers, about what being an author involves. From subbing that first manuscript to holding a paperback in your hand what are the ups and downs, the choices that need to be made, and the things every author needs to know. Were you excited? Terrified? Did you make the right choices? Would you do anything over again?

Are you an author who would like to share your journey and give some advice to a newbie? Are you an editor who wants to share tips? Are you a publisher looking for new authors in specific genres? If you are interested in joining in this weekend of posts and help then please leave a name and email below.

There will be a new Facebook page to collect together links to the posts and I am hoping it will be the start of a very useful resource for old and new authors alike.

Signing this does NOT mean you have to take part - it simply gives me a place to start. I will be contacting you in a week with more details and some simple questions.

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