Sign Up Page for Anniversary Blog Hop

If you want to be included in the RJ Scott anniversary blog hop for the weekend of 11 -12th August then simply sign up with your post title and link...

All you need to post to your own blog is some advice for new authors, or an experience you want to share. What was it like to hold your first book? How do you handle reviews? Do you have an agent? What experiences have you had with editing? Art? What mistakes have you made? What have you learned from them?

Note: The link can just be to your website - it doesn't have to be to a specific page as long as your article/post appears in time for Saturday...

Simply click on the *Click here to enter* and type in the title of your post preceded by your name i.e.

RJ Scott: Two years on. . . what have I learned?

This post on my website will then become the place you can grab the blog hop code from below to put in your post. I am happy to help and explain to anyone that is wondering what they need to do... rofl

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