In The Shadow Of The Wolf - recap of characters

The Wolf/Human Liaison team is four men.

In charge - Rob Tarrant (human)
His partner - Dan Brooks.
Nick Alexander and Joe Christie are wolf partners, second generation cop shifters.

Book one, Shattered Secrets, is the story of Jamie Adamson, a young wolf, and Rob Tarrant.
When a case involving werewolf kidnappings lands on Rob's desk, Jamie seems at the centre  Can Rob relinquish his prejudices and keep Jamie alive? Jamie's friend Doug McKenna is a wolf and assists Rob in rescuing Jamie

Rob is supportive of wolf integration but not of humans having sexual relations with wolves. Jamie: proves him wrong and ends up helping Rob to crack the case wide open and then moving in...and adopting a cat.

Sam Harrison is found with no memory in a house at the end of book 1 and is paired up with Doug to enable him to heal.

Book two, Broken Memories, is Sam and Doug's story.
Sam Harrison remembers nothing of his former life. All he knows is that he has nightmares that won't leave him alone and an irrational fear of shifting from human to wolf.

Doug McKenna has little respect for any wolf that isn't strong. That Sam was nearly broken is something he can't reconcile. Still, Sam needs looking after, and Doug decides to prove to Sam he has nothing to fear with an Alpha by his side.

Book two also opens with the funeral of Mara, Joe Christie's wife, who has died just before giving birth to their first child.

And then we have book 3...Joe and Nick's story...

Joe Christie is consumed with grief and when new information about his wife and baby comes to light his first instinct is to kill.
Nick Alexander is first and foremost Joe's best friend. When Joe met Mara, Nick stood to one side and respected Joe's decision to settle down, despite being in love with the man who was his lover. Now, in the middle of a case that is murder and betrayal, he has to fight his love for Joe and the people who are trying to kill them both.

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