Sanctuary 6: The Journal of Sanctuary One - Announcement

I have had more than a few of my wonderful readers contact me regarding the disappearance of Sanctuary 6 which was due to be released on the Silver site on Saturday...

DON'T WORRY! The book will still be available on Saturday... I have it here to post onto my own sales site... I will link everyone to the new site as soon as it is live which will DEFINITELY be Saturday...

For anyone who pre-ordered it from Silver the order will be filled as you would have expected.


Hugs you all and thanks you for your patience...


"You're thinking about Sean aren't you?" Kayden commented with his uncanny perception as to what the hell was in Jake's head at any given point. Adopted brother he may be but Kayden still had a freaky connection to Jake's thoughts.

"No," Jake lied.

"Liar. Manny got a hit on him in Albany, but he didn't get any further than notice that Sean was accessing bank accounts. Oh, and he used the access to follow a money trail for Sean and it's not looking good. Regular deposits from two sources, one we can link to the Bullens directly."

Every tiny hope that Jake had about Sean being redeemable died at that moment. So Sean had been paid for information. Sean had also disappeared. On a hijacked prison transport he had been released and literally gone to ground to God knows where. Damn good at his job, he had even evaded the normally infallible Manny. Jake concentrated on the road for a second as it forked, and he took the left that led him higher into the mountain.

"Sean is still a person of interest," Jake confirmed. Like Kayden or Manny or anyone at Sanctuary would think otherwise. The bastard had made friends with everyone, come across as the consummate FBI guy with a smile that lit up the room and a brain that would not quit. He'd come into Jake's life and turned it upside down and then without a second thought betrayed every single one of them. Why did thinking that in black and white hurt so much?

"You going to be okay up there on your own?" Kayden said. He was evidently moving away from the Sean situation and focusing on Jake. Jake was more than happy with that.

"More food than I need, a generator with a month's fuel, books, the internet, the comms room for work, TV, a spa bath, and a steam shower? I'll manage."

Kayden groaned. The cabin may well be old but it was luxurious and relaxing. "Promise me one thing, Jake?"

Great. Kayden was using his 'I'm your brother and I love you and you worry me' voice.

"What?" Jake said. He knew exactly what Kayden was going to say and already Jake had his defenses up. Kayden was going to go on about not working, and sleeping, and eating right, and all the other shit that he threw at Jake when he was worried. Jake hated when Kayden got his doctor's hat on.

"Have at least an hour a day when you don't think about work?"

Jake was a little startled by the soft tone. He and Kayden were close but his brother was usually more telling than pleading. Clearly Beckett was having a softening effect on him.

"I will." Jake could promise that easily. After all he had to sleep. And not all of his dreams revolved around Sanctuary. Some of them, the ones he pretended he didn't have, were about Sean.



  1. I have one question if I may.. does that mean I will have to pay twice for the two file formats I usually pick up from Silver (pdf & mobi), I have been without reliable internet and didn't get a chance to pre-order with them, I was going to this morning

    1. No, we can supply you with the formats you need... I will post on here with more information as soon as I have it... Hugs RJ XXX

    2. Thanks ever so much, I adore the Sanctuary series.. I have noticed they have all disappeared from Silver, I hope that isn't a sign of problems to come

    3. I wanted creative control over my work... I am so pleased you enjoyed the series...

  2. I love this series. I can't wait to read this.


  3. I was a little worried when it was no longer there the other night. To many of my favorite authors have disappeared lately. I have been looking forward to reading this for a while now. I can't wait for it to come out.

    1. Watch this site and I will let you know the link you need... HUGS RJ XXX