The Party - all six chapters

Chapter Links are:

Chapter 1 - RJ Scott

Chapter 2 - Chris Quinton

Chapter 3 - Meredith Russell

Chapter 4 - Lisa Worrall

Chapter 5 - Sue Brown

Chapter 6 - SA Meade


"Jack and Henry were partners until Henry's career became more important than Jack. After three months apart, the two men are thrown together at a Christmas party by their well meaning but meddling mothers. What happens that night is as magical as any Christmas surprise. I really enjoyed the idea of each author writing a chapter in this sweet short story. The writing melded beautifully and the story read flawlessly. There was nothing really new about the romantic guys break up, guys get back together story line. The HEA was there and so was the warm, happy feeling that these authors always manage to evoke. "

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