Gay Rom Lit

Am so excited... I am a Featured Author at Gay Rom Lit in October 2013... I am so damn lucky to have got a place... they went in the space of three minutes.

My email and the one for hubby's booking are timestamped at 17:01... just 1 minute past the time they went live... ROFL... I spent all of today worrying.

So now I have new worries... what kind of promotion do I need to think about? Or swag... Any ideas gratefully received.


I have an update post on Silver Publishing and taking time off here: On silver publishing and exhaustion

I am committing to getting The Christmas Throwaway, The Heart Of Texas and Guarding Morgan, into print in the next few weeks. Watch this space...



  1. Hi RJ,
    I'm so glad you are going to be at GRL. Do you really want ideas for Swag? I would love one or some glossy prints (say.. 5x7s?), of your book covers. I have a hard time reading the small print in paperbacks so I can only buy ebooks. I really miss being able to see the pretty pictures without having to go back to the start of the book. Especially some of the new ones like The Christmas Throwaway.
    I love your writing so much. So exciting and edge of your seat. And so many sexy men. I'm looking forward to meeting you.
    Claire McGuire

    1. Hello Claire... I very definitely need ideas... thank you so much... which book covers would you like me to do? Thank you for your lovely comment... X


  2. I'm going to GRL, too! Yay. I like Claire's idea. I also read ebooks and don't get to drool over the cover easily.

    1. I am so excited to be going... I can not wait to meet everyone... HUGS XXXXX

      And yes, I agree the cover idea is awesome... I just need to decide which ones now... :)