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Recent Releases

Under the Sun, the sequel to Follow The Sun is available at Written with Meredith Russell this is another visit to Sapphire Cay for romance and drama.

Releases today

If you are a VIP member at TEB you can buy and download Moments AND The Teacher And The Soldier!

How do I become a VIP member at TEB?

It's easy to become a VIP member... simply sign up for an account with TEB! You can do this here:

In other TEB news

The Case Of The Cupid Curse (written with Amber Kell) is available on all third party sites today... Reviews so far are awesome, so I hope you enjoy!

Writing update

Writing has been going really well, Guilty Werewolf will be with eXtasy today or tomorrow and Ellery 4 is next on my list... I took my two weeks to calm down a bit for the writing, and my wonderful publishers, eXtasy and TEB have bent over backwards to help me... *loves you both*.

Silver update

I'm saying nothing. ROFL.


  1. awww sweetie *hugs from across the pond*

  2. WooHoo --- Just set up my TEB account ---- basically just downloaded everything under your name:-) LOL

    1. awww, I hope you enjoy them all... HUGS XXXX

  3. And I took advantage of my VIP and just loaded those two books.

  4. All ready read them and waiting patiently for more. NOT! Patience is not one of my virtues. I will also be re-buying your booksfrom TEB or Love Lane. Please keep themcoming!

    1. Thank you for your support Tammy... HUGS XXXXX