News Round up, Texas 4 and why I chickened out...

Why I chickened out

I posted this photo to my FB and immediately hid it...

I've been deleted from FB before so I am generally careful with the photos I post now...I don't want to lose everything, or everyone...

It's probably too suggestive... right?

I love it though... what is your opinion...?

Books now with Love Lane

As you've probably all seen I now have the rights back on my books. The following books are now republished with Love Lane Books

Oracle      Oracle  |  ARe  |  Love Lane Books ]
Book Of Secrets - Oracle 2      [  All Romance ]

The Art Of Words (w Meredith Russell)      [ Love Lane Books | Amazon | All Romance Ebooks ]

Child Of The Storm      [ Amazon |  ARe  |  Love Lane Books ]

All The Kings Men - rewritten      [ Love Lane Books  |  All Romance  |  Amazon  | Smashwords ]

Deefur Dog      [ Amazon  |  ARe  |  Love Lane Books ]

One Night - added chapter and epilogue      [ Amazon  |  ARe  |  Love Lane Books ]

Texas Winter      [ Amazon  |  ARe  |  Love Lane Books ]
Texas Heat      [ Amazon  |  ARe  |  Love Lane Books ]

The Gallows Tree      [ Amazon  |  ARe  |  Love Lane Books ]

The Soldier's Tale      [Amazon  |  ARe  |  Love Lane Books ]

Shattered Secrets (w Diane Adams) (re-released 21 June)
Broken Memories (w Diane Adams) (re-released 5 July)
Splintered Lies (w Diane Adams) (re-released 19 July)

I am so happy that both Meredith and Diane have chosen to re-release the joint works with Love Lane. :)

Replacement books

If you have receipts for any of these books you bought before then I am happy to replace them for you. Simply email and I will send them to you as soon as I can... :)

Texas 4 - working title Texas Family

I promised that when I got Texas 2 and 3 back that I would write you all Texas 4. This is now coming to an e-reader near you November 15th.


  1. Woohoo, what an excellent birthday present for me. Texas 4 released on my birthday, yay!!

  2. I love the picture, but yes you're right someone wouldn't. :-) Some people just don't appreciate beauty.

  3. LOVE the photo!! It is suggestive *waggles eyebrows*, but I've seen a lot worse on FB.
    And a great big CONGRATS for getting all your stories back! Wonderful news, RJ. And I can't wait for Texas Family!!!!!

    Big Hugs & lots of love

  4. Love the picture! But FB can be so fickle...and Texas 4...OMG!

  5. I like the picture and can't wait for Texas 4

  6. Love the picture. It's very sexy. Congrats on getting your books back. I can't wait for Texas 4.

  7. Post it to your private group on FB. The one you select for certain people to enter. The things I have seen posted in a Bdb (Black Dagger Brotherhood) fan fiction group makes that rated PG. Giving a warning about the site that stays permanently at the top. You can pretty much post what you want short of actual porn I believe. I'll Post a Jack and Riley there and you are welcome to take in down of course. It's around 2:10 in the afternoon there and 8:10am here. So pick a time and I will post it and you can take it down if you want. I took it from one of the bdb groups. You can fb or pm or chat or whatever they call it.

  8. The photo ROCKS! It would be awesome as a cover

  9. Love love the picture whew hawt grasp that log baby and squeeze.


  10. I like that picture. Yup, it's nice. jillw

  11. Love the yummy :) Congrats in getting all your rights back! Cannot wait for Texas 4!

  12. Love the photo, FB needs to get a life. They're so unpredictable with what they let you post and what you can't.

  13. Looks fine to me ...

  14. I love the picture I think he is just looking for his missing tool...LOL

  15. I love the picture too. FB (and the whiners on it) should mind their own business. There are far more suggestive pictures posted every day that leave NOTHING to the imagination.