Winner of "Our December" Competition

I can't tell you how excited I am to have Diane Adams publishing through Love Lane Books.

I have known Diane for years... and years... and... you get the point... her writing has a lyrical tone and is gorgeous. I fell in love with Jared and Alex in this series and now we are lucky enough to be publishing her.

This first book in The Making Of A Man series, Our December, is an achingly beautiful book and if you haven't read it then now is the time to try.

The book is available now from Love Lane Books and will be available via Amazon and other distributors next week.

Under the covers book blog says they "...seriously cannot recommend this book enough ... Adams has written such a wonderful story of growth, love, and romance, and developed each part of it magnificently. Jared and Alex’s tale is so heartwarming, and their love just pours off the page..." They rated it 5/5 and a Top Pick.

Dark Ravens Reviews said "....Diane Adams has a huge talent in her ability to write with emotion, and nowhere more so than in Our December, book one in the Making of a Man series. I could actually feel Jared’s frustration in having to keep a hands off policy regarding fifteen year old Alex, who has an intense and flattering gay teenager’s crush on Jared...."

If you look at the reviews I make on books I read, and if they sway you in any way, then I recommend this book...

Competition winner is Kevin P ( I will be in contact with you shortly Kevin to arrange your Prize.  Congratulations....

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  1. Thank you Rj, this is a wonderful post. I meant to comment earlier but so much is happening! How is the contest going? Are the questions too hard? :D