Welcome to the Dark Side - Ashe Barker

Welcome to Ashe Barker, a fellow author at TEB... The series she has written is MF, BDSM, so be warned!


“Welcome to the Dark Side, Miss Byrne”

Nathan may not have cookies, but he definitely has a whole lot else to offer Eva as he introduces her to the darker side of romance. And Eva has her own reasons for seizing what he offers her, with both hands.

All three books in The Dark Side trilogy are now ‘out there’, and the first book, Darkening, appears in print from 27 September 2013.

The core plot is one of burning attraction, hot seduction and even hotter sex, an erotic journey as Nathan draws his eager pupil into the joys and challenges of his BDSM lifestyle. But it’s not an easy ride, for either of them, and each has their secrets which threaten to derail their fragile connection.

The Dark Side charts their turbulent journey together as Eva and Nathan each peel away their protective layers to expose the vulnerabilities beneath. It takes courage, and trust, and more than a few leaps of faith. It’s a sensual story, with its fair share steamy sex scenes dripping with kink, romantic but with a sharp sting in the tail.


The series has had some lovely feedback so far, and I’m so grateful to the kind reviewers who have read it and shared their thoughts. Here’s a selection…

"....I loved the realistic sense of place and the gritty realism. The characters were well crafted and believable. I will be reading the next as the cliff hanger at the end nearly killed me!...."

"....The characters in this story have a wonderful uniqueness about them, she is an accomplished academic and he although seemingly rich and successful is also a loving father. Both of them are so well written it was easy for me to see them as I read. They seem to be a formidable match and I look forward to see their story through to the end...."

"....The setting to this story is perfect, the Yorkshire Moors have always held an appeal for me since reading Wuthering Heights and in this book they are described beautifully enabling me to imagine their surroundings in perfect detail...."

"....Nathan pushes all my boyfriend buttons. Tall, dark, shoulder length hair, great body, dominant (need I go on?) Eva, Evangeline, Ms. Byrne - young, talented, beyond smart, easily influenced by the experienced dom. I like them as a couple. I like that he doesn't require or demand Sir or Master...."

"....Did I like this book - YES. Am I in it for the long haul - YES. Should you read it - YES...."

"....Nathan is my favourite type of romantic, swoon worthy hero - handsome, dominant and successful but he also has a softer side, which makes him immensely likeable...."

"....Eva is … an accomplished musician – highly intelligent yet she feels slightly awkward – she doesn’t appreciate her own unique beauty. I found her character to be charming and very endearing...."

"....I enjoyed the storyline immensely - hooked me from the start and I loved the BDSM aspect - very intense!..."

"....The relationship between these two characters is beautifully written with moments that had me catching my breath. Waiting for those three little words...."

"....The erotic scenes are great, as well as being incredibly hot there are moments that really made me giggle, using a fantastic array of terminology...."

Series Blurb

The Dark Side trilogy, charts the sensual journey of academic musician Eva Byrne as she struggles to overcome painful shyness, sexual inhibition,  and personal tragedy. Lonely, unsophisticated, fragile, and desperately seeking love and approval, Eva is easy prey for sensual and experienced Nathan Darke.

He wants her submission, and he knows how to go about getting it. Eva is quickly caught up by the whirlwind of his effortless seduction, though she has her own reasons for agreeing to join him in his world of pain and pleasure, on The Dark Side.

Inexplicably fascinated and at the same time totally frustrated by his new submissive, Nathan is increasingly drawn to her as she opens up in his hands and he realises there is much, much more to his latest playmate than he ever could have imagined.

The Dark Side charts the turbulent relationship between Eva and Nathan as their mutual fascination builds. They both discover what surrender truly means as together they explore the fragile bonds of desire, trust, risk and reward, and the destructive power of betrayal.


Here’s a steamy chunk from Book 3, Darkest.

I stop trying, eventually. He’s not there. Or not picking up. Or he’s got no signal. Or his battery’s flat. Whatever—each time I try to phone him the call goes straight to voicemail. Disappointed, frustrated, my stomach churning with unrelieved sensual tension, I face the fact that I’m getting no hot and heavy phone sex tonight. I don’t bother to put on any pyjamas, just lie down and try to get some sleep.

My head is buzzing with questions. Where is he? Why doesn’t he answer? He knew I’d be phoning tonight, like I’ve done every night since Grace’s accident. I sit up, grab my phone for one last try. Voicemail again. I give in and settle for a text instead.
‘Tried to phone u. R U OK? Pls ring me.’

And, eventually, I sleep.

I’m dreaming of Nathan, his gentle, skilful hands running across my body. My breasts cupped in his palms, his thumbs stroking then squeezing my nipples. He’s behind me, his warm, hard chest close up to my back, his low voice whispering in my ear.

“Wake up, baby. I need you. Now. I need to fuck you, now.”

“Hmm.” I wriggle contentedly, snuggling my bottom against the hard shaft nestling between the cheeks of my bum. God that feels so real. This is one shit-hot dream!

“Eva, wake up now or so help me I’m fucking you anyway. And you’ll not want to miss this, baby.”

“What…?” I dreamily roll onto my back, one arm flung across my face, only to yelp in surprise as my legs are pushed apart—none too gently—and two, then three fingers slide into me. I hear the familiar sound of wet, sensitive flesh sucking on slick fingers and struggle to gather my scattered thoughts. Before I can prise my eyes open he enters me with one quick, hard thrust—and I know this is no dream. Nathan is here, he’s back, and he’s inside me. I groan, arch, and link my hands behind his back. At last I open my eyes and smile into that gorgeous face, all masculine beauty and tight with sexual tension, his mouth a harsh line of need.

"Welcome home." the words are whispered, but none the less passionately delivered. No one was ever more welcome, I think, than Nathan at that moment.

He curves his lips slightly to smile back, leaning in to drop a brief kiss on my mouth.. “Hello, beautiful.” His words are ground out. “This is gonna be fast. Try to keep up if you can. If not, don’t worry, I’ll be back for you.” Then he loops his arms behind my knees, bringing my legs up and forcing them wide to let him in. His thrusts are hard, deep, fast. I scream, the sound muffled into his shoulder, the pleasure beyond imagining. His orgasm is there in seconds, I feel the hot wash of his semen filling me, flowing up and across my cervix, and forced back down around his shaft by the sheer bulk of his erection. I feel the dampness on the sheet below me. He pauses, his first crisis of need met, and he leans in again, this time to kiss me long and deep. He plunges his tongue between my lips, tasting me, stroking the inside of my mouth as he is stroking my core with his solid, thick cock, hardening again inside me, stretching me in that glorious, delightful way he has. I feel…wonderful. Complete. Full.

I manage to gasp out a welcome. “Oh God, Nathan, it’s so good to see you. When did you…?”

“Later. Now it’s your turn, sweetheart.”

His thrusts are slow, easy, carefully angled to hit that inner spot I now know so well. Nathan knows his way around me even better than I do—definitely no need for the proverbial torch and compass to find my G-spot. I writhe under him, circling my hips and squeezing tight around his thick, hard shaft. He slides his hand between us to stroke my eager clit, and I groan. He pushes himself up to kneel above me, still deep inside but with his legs under mine, my thighs spread wide, my body open to him. Using his thumbs he gently, lazily strokes my clit and I come immediately, once, hard and brutal, then again, more slowly. I’m grasping the pillow beside my head and my eyes are closed. I can hear his voice, urging me on, ordering me to come again. I do. His rhythm is slow, powerful, accurate. I am draped over him, unable to move even if I want to. But there’s absolutely nowhere else I’d rather be. Ever. I’m passive, greedy, riding on a wave of pulsing sensation, rocked by the firecrackers of multiple orgasms shooting through me, tingling, shattering my senses. Christ, he’s so very good at this.

Eventually his own release is pressing again, and I feel his increased urgency, his thrusts stronger now as he flexes above me. He groans, swears viciously, and I feel the wet warmth of semen again filling me, flowing out.

Author Bio

Until 2010 I was a director of a regeneration company in Leeds, in the UK, before becoming convinced there must be more to life. I left to work as an independent consultant, and still do some of that though most of my time is now spent writing, as at last I’ve been able to realise my dream of writing erotic romance myself. I’ve been an avid reader of women’s fiction for many years, and I still love reading historical and contemporary romances – the hotter the better. But now I have a good excuse for my guilty pleasure – research.

I usually draw on settings and anecdotes from my own experience to lend colour, detail and realism to my plots and characters, but my stories of love, challenge, resilience and compassion are the conjurings of my own lurid imagination.

When not writing – which is not very often - my time is divided between my role as resident taxi driver for my teenage daughter, and caring for a menagerie of dogs, rabbits, tortoises.  And a cockatiel.  I’m a rural parish councillor, and I’m passionate about evolving rural traditions and values to suit twenty first century lifestyles.

I’ve just completed my third trilogy in the Black Combe ‘family’ as well as a novella and a short story. All are due for release over the next few months.

Please visit my blog for more information.

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