Supernatural Bounty Hunters - Character Sheet *Thanks Josie*

The Series

Micah - Vampire & Conner - Wolf Shifter

Declan - Wolf Shifter & Levi - Incubus

Book 3 The Warlock's Secret

Joseph - Vampire & Phin - Elf

Book 4 The Demon's Blood

Simeon - Cat Shifter & Asherkan - Blood Demon

Book 5 The Incubus Agenda

Brody Lennox - Incubus & Nicholas Tarrant - Wolf Shifter

Book 6 The Third Kingdom

Details to follow...


Micah - Vampire - Joseph's twin brother

Conner - Wolf Shifter - Retriever for Glitnir (Alpha)

Declan - Wolf Shifter - Retriever for Glitnir (Beta to Connor's Alpha)

Levi - Incubus

Joseph - Vampire Leader of the Resistance Underground - Micah's twin brother

Phin - Elf - son of King - half-brother to Asherkan

Simeon - Cat Shifter - was ambassador for the Feline Guild in Glitnir

Asherkan - Blood Demon - Half-brother to Phin - unacknowledged Royalty - Blood Demons created by Vampires long ago to be a food source

Brody Lennox - Incubus

Nicholas Tarrant - Wolf Shifter

Reuben - 800 years old and keeper of the Vampire Book of Days (with the Resistance)

Ethan - murdered husband of Joseph

Jason - brother to Simeon and leader of the Feline Guild

Councillor Ludvik Peitrol (aka Lekland), of the Fae Alliance in Glitnir (enemy and secret magic user)

Cassius - Leader of the Vampire Clans Council


Glitnir - Corrupted and controlled by the Fae Alliance

Second Kingdom - (The Feline Guild owns a quarter, the elves half and the rest minorities with the Blood Demons (created by Vampires long ago to be a food source) a strong presence. A restrictive caste system with blood demons indentured, and no rights.

Third Kingdom - prophesied new world after unification of Glitnir and Second Kingdom

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  1. I adore, adore adore this series! Thank you for writing it. <3