The Castle That Liam Built - Spanish translation of a short story

A while back I wrote a short story for my April *focus on autism awareness* month in support of World Autism Awareness Day. The story was called the Castle that Liam built and inspiration for it came from my own son, Matthew.

I had a wonderful email from a Facebook friend who took it upon herself to translate the short into Spanish, and I received the following message:

"I'm the leader of a Yaoi-M/M group of fans. We prepare a virtual magazine (free download) of manga, anime, boys love games, webcomic, ebooks and movies reviews. In our website we post original short stories and illustrations as well as free short stories translations (

I attached the translation AND an original illustration from one of our members: PinkxPrince. He loves the story and wanted to illustrate Liam. We hope you like it."
The original English version is here: Goodreads

The Spanish translation is available to download using the following links: PDF | ePub | Mobi and features the lovely art from PinkxPrince.

Feel free to download the copies, they are free to share. 

Also go check out their website which looks very interesting!

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