Christmas Countdown 2013 - 8 December

My favourite Christmas Presents

My Kindle. The old one with the keyboard (now replaced by a shiny paperwhite)

I don't have to tell any of you what a Kindle means to me. Not only do I have books in my handbag all the time but I have MANY books on me at all time.

Not only that, but without Kindle I wouldnt be a published author. So, thank you Kindle. I love you.

Funny story, when I first opened this Kindle I tried to swipe the screen to activate it... DUH

Today's featured Anthology Author is

AT Weaver with her story Josh's Christmas Angel

Josh Jericho is depressed over the death of his partner when a young preacher shows up in the middle of a snow storm. Is it coincidence or is Scott a real angel sent by God?

Info on A.T. Weaver

AT Weaver can be found on her blog here.

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Not read it yet? Download the anthology for FREE at Love Lane Books or All Romance eBooks

Mr RJ's Crap Joke Section

Yet another thrilling instalment of all that is bad in Christmas Cracker Jokes.  The good news is we haven't had any complaints so far for inflicting this feature on you. The bad news is poor Suzi who commented on the 6th lost her jokes whilst dashing in the rain. Alas, we will never know what humour may have been presented before us. Positive news from Nancy too that her grandson found some of the jokes amusing.  As I have seen in a few toilets around the country "we aim to please, you aim too please" :).

Moving swiftly on, here's today's selection :-

What’s white, fluffy and swings through a cake shop?
A meringue-utang.

What did Cinderella say when her photos didn't arrive on time?
One day my prints will come.

What do you give a dog for Christmas?
A mobile bone.

What did the inflatable teacher at the inflatable school say to the inflatable child caught holding a pin?
You let me down, you let your friends down, you let your school down but most of all... you let yourself down.

Until the next time, au revoir.

The Twenty Five Days of Christmas Competition

For the master post explaining prizes, etc, visit Competition and prizes for the twenty five days of Christmas.  Don't forget every entry you make counts towards the grand prize on 25 December. So if you enter every day, you will have 24 chances for to win..

Today enter the competition to win a $10 Amazon voucher.


  1. My Kindle (which is the same as your first one) was a Valentine's day present. I love it! I keep my Kindle in my purse so that if I have down time (any waiting time is down time), I can just read instead of getting aggravated about having to wait. (patience isn't my strong suit) I'm on the fence about upgrading to the paperwhite.

    1. I was on the fence as well but I love my paperwhite... i love that it has the light... i didn't go for anything like the Fire, because I am not interested in the internet and games and so on... i just want to READ... rofl

  2. I won my Kindle and it works just fine.

  3. Over the summer and up to half term in October, I was reading exclusively on my ereader. But then I made my foray back into the local library and settled down that night to read one of the books, couldnt figure out why the page wouldn't turn - I kept tapping, but it just didnt move!! My hubby thougt I was going mad giggling to myself in the corner when I realised what I had done!

    1. ROFl... sounds like something I would do... ROFL Rjxx

  4. My old 2nd gen white Kindle keyboard from Christmas many moons ago is now on the fritz. It definitely pushed me back into reading. Since I do a lot of outdoor reading, hopefully a shiny Paperwhite (with light!) will be on its way for Christmas. It's the one electronic I think I couldn't do without any more. :)

    1. Gah, me too... I would be lost without mine... LOST... RJ X

  5. I love my kindle, I have the fire. I take it everywhere! I would rather lose my phone than my kindle!

    1. ROFL... I understand where you're coming from! I love my kindle... HUGS XXXX

  6. Love my kindle - never leave home without it. Just bought a mini charger so I can re-charge on the go.

    1. A mini charger... ooohhh...Maybe i need one of those.... Hugs RJ XXX

  7. Hubby gave me a kindle keyboard 2 christmases ago (soon to be 3)... best present ever! I take it with me everywhere :)

  8. I'm the odd one out here, I have a nook but I love it as much as you all love your kindles. Love having shelves full of books in my hand and it goes everywhere with me. The grandson has a nookHD and he reads, plays games, watches movies and really seems to be beyond happy with it. I tried reading an old school book the other day and my hands and arms started to ache after a while, are electronics making us weak or is it just my age catching up with me?
    I see we veered away from strictly Christmas jokes.
    How do you hide an elephant in a strawberry patch?
    Paint his toenails red.
    How can you tell there has been an elephant in your refrigerator?
    By the footprints in the butter.

    Elephant jokes were popular when I was much much younger; you know back in the olden days when electronics were the stuff of sci-fi and my hair was still red.

    1. I love these elephant jokes... rofl... and Nook or Kindle, makes no odds... you read... I read... we all love reading! he he ... HUGS Rj xxxxx