Win the entire Ellery Mountain series in PDF... all in one go!

Joyfully Jay are hosting a Men In Uniform Week and when I was deciding which of my uniformed men to give away I found it near impossible. I was looking at Ellery and I know I have the classic men in Uniform (Cop, Fireman, Doctor, Paramedic...). But what I had wrote, I decided, was men who all bore the wearing of a uniform of sorts. My model wears designer clothes, my bad boy has the ubiquitous leather jacket, my actor wears different characters all the time.

So, like I said, I couldn't make a decision. So I didnt.

Instead in the giveaway I will be giving a FULL SET of Ellery Mountain to one lucky winner in PDF ebook form

Yep. The whole set. All seven books of Ellery goodness...

The Fireman and the Cop
The Teacher and the Soldier
The Carpenter and the Actor
The Doctor and the Bad Boy
The Paramedic and the Writer
The Barman and the SEAL
The Agent and the Model

Joyfully Jay Competition link:

The giveaway will launch on Sunday Feb 23 at 2:00 pm EST and run through Saturday March 1 at 11:59 EST.

From the Joyfully website:

February - Men In Uniform Week

For those of you not familiar, during our theme weeks we spend the whole week celebrating a particular trope. In the past we have had Young Love Week, Rock Star Week, Virgin Hero Week, and Jock Week among others. And this time we will be celebrating Men in Uniform! Men in Uniform will feature stories about all kinds of heroes: firefighters, EMTs, police officers, military men, athletes… anyone who wears a uniform of some kind is fair game. There are so many exciting possibilities, I just can’t wait!

So the event won’t be until the end of February, but these things take a lot of planning so I always like to start early. There are lots of things that are part of the event  ... Men in Uniform week will include:

Guest posts
Favorite Books List


  1. What a giveaway! this is great thank you.

    1. no worries... don't forget to enter at:

  2. no worries... don't forget to enter at:

  3. A brilliant giveaway. I've been over and entered :)

  4. Of course I already own them all!