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A new focus from me on the blog posts I have made and the authors I love (all Amber's idea!)... I thought I would do a round up every so often of what I and the others on my favourite list have been talking about!


Grave Diggers MC: Solo, Carol Lynne - Review
Sprinting... how I break down my writing
Blog Story - ​The Things That Dreams Are Made Of - Post 16
Editing your manuscript is vital... here's why... and a thank you ...
Relief Valve blog tour - JL Merrow
JC Wallace - Curiosity Killed Shaney blog tour
Legally Wed - Rick R Reed - Review
Normal Enough - Marie Sexton - Review
E-book pricing and the thorny issues around perception of value
Kian's Hunter - Fire #1
Always, by Kindle Alexander - Review 4/5

Amber Kell

Early Download for Farren’s Wizard!
Forever My Love – #1
Enter to Win & Join the Party
Print Book News!
Pretty New Cover Art!

Meredith Russell

New Release: The Bad Wolf
Be My Valen-Tone

Chris Quinton

Caravaggio's Angel - Available Now!
The Great Cover Hunt

Marie Sexton

Normal Enough is Available Now!
Introducing a New Pen Name: AM Sexton
Cinder: 2nd Edition Available Now

Rowan Speedwell

On Gratitude, and Why I Am Not Writing

Josephine Myles

Vintage Smut Sunday: Men and Motors (gay erotica, NSFW)
Update Monday: on learning to relax

Kay Berrisford

Cover Reveal – Wolf in Gucci Loafers by Tara Lain
Lord of the Forest now available in paperback!
All Loose Id titles on rebate at All Romance

Eli Easton

What I’m Working on: Kingdom Come
Recommended: “The Reluctant Berserker” by Alex Beecroft

Sue Brown

Same Sex Marriage Almost Here
What About Now?
RIP Christian Smith
Frankie & Al: Buy links and excerpt

JL Merrow

More Tea Vicar?
What’s Your Poison?
Pets in Fiction
Relief Valve is out today

Clare London

Rainbow Romance Writers – chapter business
On the red carpet – Mickie B Ashling
The UK Meet soap opera climax … almost!
UK Meet nearing capacity

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