Caravaggio's Angel by Chris Quinton - Review - 5/5

A seventeenth-century artwork, a portfolio of canvases and a gorgeous man no one seems to notice— Add in a jealous brother and a scheming stranger, and Paul has inherited trouble.

Paul is estranged from his family, and inherits property on Malta from his artist great-uncle Lawrenz Calleja. It includes a portfolio of canvases Lawrenz painted over the decades, and an artwork that might be a seventeenth-century piece in the style of Caravaggio, but is more likely a symptom of his great-uncle’s obsession—the same man appears in every painting. Paul has grown up knowing that face, the man Lawrenz called Angelo. When he meets someone who matches the image exactly, Paul is hooked. Their friendship rapidly deepens into love.

Angelo is in exile on the island of Malta—he has to learn compassion and love before he can return to his Father’s house. But he learns the lessons too well, and that proves dangerous. Nico has watched him for a long time, waiting for just this moment, when Angelo is at his most vulnerable. Nico gains an ally when Paul’s brother, Calvin, arrives in Malta. Calvin is convinced Paul inherited a fortune and is determined to claim a share of it. But the battle between Angelo and Nico is far more than it seems and the Calleja brothers are in danger of becoming collateral damage.

Review - 5/5

Stunning cover for a stunning book. No secret - I love CQ's writing. Her books are detailed and beautifully written. This story had me reading the book straight through without stopping. I adored Paul, although I wished at the beginning I didn't feel like slapping him for not going back to Malta sooner. When the story unfolds you soon realise that Angelo is much more than you first think, and the tones of a much older tale begin to become twisted into Paul's world.

The Malta that CQ paints is incredibly beautiful and the story set against this is one I would recommend highly. So pleased with the ending. SO pleased.

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