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The Summer of '76

I don't much like the sun. I am your typical pale English person who only has to look at the sun to burn! I also don't like sitting in the heat, and will always find shade!

But before you call me grinch we had something in the UK that will FOREVER be remembered as 'The Summer Of '76', I was nine. Cute, sweet, adorable, you know the score. That summer went on FOREVER, or at least it seemed like it. My sister (4) and I had a permanent paddling pool out in the back garden, in the shade, and we were outside the entire summer. I don't recall sun tan lotion being used back in '76... wonders how my generation have made it this far alive! ROFL...

The situation was so bad that the prime minister
appointed a minister for drought.


In 1976 temperatures reached at least 32.2°C somewhere 
in Britain every day for 15 consecutive days.

I remember days that went on endlessly, cold drinks sat in the pool, and the news which went on and on about how hot everything was! We were allowed to play outside, and life was good. We went on our family holiday to Bournemouth (Poole, in Dorset) and probably got very hot doing so!

I'm guessing a lot of my US/AUS friends look at these temperatures and laugh because they are probably so low but to the Brits this was like living in the Sahara!


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  1. Sorry, RJ, I'm one of the laughers :) 32,2°C is considered pretty normal and quite pleasant here for summer, About 10 years ago it got to 45°+ on New Years Day. I have a large wrought iron chandelier that is purely for decoration as it would need a vaulted ceiling to be able to light the candles. Anyway, the candles in it melted that day and hung down like limp dicks LOL.

  2. I love the hot weather , when others say" I can't stand this heat " to me it's wonderful.

  3. I was 19 and a student nurse during the "summer of 76" I remember hospital admissions were well up that year due to dehydration in both the elderly and the young. I think we've had hotter periods since, just not so sustained. I like being outside but will always find the shade or carry a brolly.

  4. I hide from the sun. My pale skin can't take it!

  5. Ah, I remember summer in Texas with temperatures of 100+... but it least it wasn't humid! I can sympathize anyway. :)

  6. I love the summer, although when we had over a week of over 95 degree temps it gets a bit much.

  7. I'm a California gal, so people assume I like heat...but I'm used to foggy mornings and tepid temperatures, so I'm useless in a heat wave myself!


  8. I was 16 that year and spent a wonderful week at Nag's Head with my best friend, her family and her older brother and his friend. Ended up falling for the friend and spent the next 3 years with him. Great memories. Loving this blog hop.

  9. I love family trips to the beach on my native Long Island.

  10. Forgot my email:

  11. I am loving all the memories shared by everyone! Thank you for participating in the hop.

    Kris Linehan
    simondex68@gmail dot com

  12. Summer. Not my friend. I'm like RJ - easily burnt. Natural red-head and all that. ;) I grew up in the tropics, too. No fun stories from this kid. Now, I'm in the humidity of the Southern US. I still don't want to leave the house in the summer. :(

  13. I'm not a big fan of summer where I am. It gets to the 90's and up and it kind of rains and gets a bit humid and icky. It's just a bit horrible.

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  14. I don't like the summer. Very hot and humid. I think the fact that it is humid makes it worse. Feels like you can't breath.

  15. I am sooo with you,... the sun doesn't like me, i'm really white & burn easily. And I don't like the heat much & I always stand in the shade lol. Everyone always says i'm weird, but I don't care lol. 32.2 is about 90 degress for me, so I find that to be hot too lol.

    Thank you for sharing your post & Thank you for having this giveaway!!

    I hope you have a great week! =)

    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

  16. Our English weather is not great.... I'm lucky I don't burn, I don't tan either... I'm happy at around 20 with a nice breeze
    geetracy1170 (at) gmail (dot) com

  17. I am not fond of heat. Side effect of my thyroid condition.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  18. I remember '76 and how appallingly hot it felt compared to our normal cool summers. But I suppose that's the same as the snow flurries that close down London etc and everyone in places like Toronto or Siberia killing themselves laughing....


  19. running around the neighborhood with friends.

  20. I remember that year I was eleven and was at junior school we were playing cricket in the school field and it was so hot the teacher said we could sit in the shade I can remember him saying that even in the shade it was over 100 degrees.

  21. That's pretty typical for summer here (plus humidity!) and I've never enjoyed it. Bring on the A/C! ;)

  22. 1976, the year of the Bicentennial here in the US. We stayed home most of that summer. just went for a trip to Ohio from Orlando, Florida. Spent 3 weeks there seeing all the relative who lived there. My parents were the only ones who moved away from the town where they were born.

  23. Oops! I forgot

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  24. Hi RJ,

    I want to send a personal thank you for your participation in the Is It Summer Yet? Blog Hop. Thanks to you the Blog Hop was a great success.

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy and safe summer.

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