Creating a collage of your cover art

I use Pic Monkey to create a collage of my cover art. An example can be found HERE.

Pic Monkey is SO easy to use...

Go to

Click on Collage (top middle of the picmonkey page)

Upload your photos

The photos you uploaded will appear on the left hand side

Drag and drop the photos to the middle and PLAY

Play with the size of the collgae (remember to click the little lock button next to the dimensions so that you can change both)

Click on the various options to the left

Click on the layout button - there are various layouts including a FB header one.

Click save to, save (ROFL) and you will be asked for a name to call it, and a size you want to save for quality. 

I could go into more details, but mostly you need to PLAY with this site and you'll be amazed what you come up with...

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