RJ Scott's Author Tour - Winners and final draw!

I travelled around my favourite blog and review sites talking with a book comparison 'smackdown' and also talking about some of my favourite bits of being an author... It's been so lovely to hear from all the commenters, and was a lovely way to introduce everyone to books by me that you may not have seen!

Every draw is now closed and the winners are below...

If your name is in blue then you have had your prize. If your name is in red then please contact me...!

Grand Prize!

The winner of the $50 voucher in the overall draw, from 600 people is:


Trix, come on over to rj@rjscott.co.uk to claim your prize!

Thank you to every single person who commented, and to the blog and review sites that hosted me...

Hugs you all


DateAppearing at Featured Books / Article
1stPrism Book Alliance Series overview Sanctuary vs Texas
jenf27 (1st prize) musicfortheheartandsoul (2nd)
2ndRainbow Gold ReviewsWhen a standalone becomes a series
Marla (1st prize) Chantal Donnely (2nd)
3rdTwo Men Are Better Than OneDeefur Dog vs Shattered Secrets (Shadow of the Wolf #1)
Idamus (1st prize) Danny (2nd)
4thJess BuffetThe Fitzwarren Inheritance with Chris Quinton and Sue Brown (Michelle Rae 1st, BN100 2nd)
5thMultitasking MommasMoments vs Back Home  (Ardent E-Reader 1st Todd 2nd)
6thJase's AthenaeumThe power of the reader and Texas Winter (Allison H 1st JBST 2nd)
7thThe Novel ApproachGuarding Morgan (Sanctuary 1) vs The Gallows Tree (Sarah Botting 1st, Solaria Saturn 2nd)
8thMM Good Book ReviewsOverview of different genres (Brooklynstorms 1st, Karen 2nd)
9thScattered Thoughts and Rogue WordsChristmas Throwaway vs Kian's Hunter (Cornelia 1st, Bronwin Heeley 2nd)
10thAmber Kell's blogAs part of her Summer tour - a romantic scene from Bodyguard To A Sex God (Niki D 1st, Victoria M 2nd)
11thPrism Book AllianceGRL Blog post - dealing with failure (Dawn D 1st, Alaina 2nd) (Prism winner felinewyvern)
12thNDulgent BloggersStrong men with vulnerable hearts (Miranda P 1st, Laurel Looney 2nd)
13thMy Fiction NookThe Bodyguard series and the 18 month delay (ShortyChelle 1st, ArdentEReader 2nd)
15thBoy Meet Boy ReviewsQuestions from BMBR unicorns (Jen CW 1st Lisa G 2nd)
17thBoy Meet Boy ReviewsQuestions from Facebook friends (Tracy G 1st Suzi W 2nd)
18thJoyfully JayFocus on the Texas series (Marcine 1st, Kim W 2nd)
20thBoy Meet Boy ReviewsQuiz on RJ Scott (Suzi Webster 1st, Lupa P 2nd)
21stLove Bytes ReviewsA Reason To Stay (Heroes 1) vs One Night (Rod B 1st, Serena 2nd)
22ndThe Blogger GirlsThe Decisions We Make vs The Case Of the Cupid Curse (End Street #1 with Amber Kell) (JCZ 1st, Shirley Ann 2nd)


  1. Hi RJ! I would love to host you if you'd like. :)

    1. Hi Iyana... I have the 15th open? HUGS XXXX

  2. Hi RJ, I am enjoying following your Author tour, its great to be introduced to some of your series I haven't read yet.

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know... hugs hard xxxxx

  3. Love following the blog tour. So far I have bought In The Shadow Of Wolves Series, Kian's Hunter, And just bought the Sanctuary series today. Having a great time reading about all the books I don't have yet. :)

    1. Thank you so much, so pleased you are enjoying! HUGS XXXXXXX

  4. Congratulations to all winners... This has been a great blog tour...
    Thank you again for my prize :)