Stormin' Norman - Lyon Road Vets #4 - Sue Brown

Dan had been Jesse’s partner for many years, and always there for Jesse on his return from difficult assignments. However, after breaking his promise not to leave again, Jesse learns to his cost that Dan can be pushed too far. When he returns home, broken in body and spirit, Jesse finds his house empty and Dan in the arms of someone else.

To fill his life, Jesse decides to get a dog. His friends and neighbours take him to choose a puppy. What he doesn’t expect is for Norman to choose him. As Jesse takes on a new job, with Norman’s assistance, he realises that Dan isn’t far away, and he still loves him. Dan has moved on with his life. Can Jesse do the same?

Review - 4.5/5

This is my favourite of the Lyon Road Vet's series so far. Just because I love Jesse... I loved the secrecy in his life. And Dan... I felt the book was more a story of the two men than of the dog but that was fine with me. Go back and read Hairy Harry's car seat which is book 1 and lose yourself in sweet stories of men and their dogs...

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