Autumn and Texas Fall

So, Autumn is my favourite time of the year. I love the crisp mornings, the turning leaves, the early evenings. I love Bonfire Night, the build up to Christmas and walked in the woods.

Today was our first walk in what I would call Autumn. It was warm enough in a Tshirt but had that smokiness I associate with the coming autumn.

My next WIP is Texas Fall, book 6 in the Texas series, and I can't wait to start writing it. It will be with you in November.

I have SO many story lines I want to put in the book.

Nothing will waver Riley and Jack's love but things will happen that change the way they look at life.

I want to capture the excitement I feel about Autumn and Christmas and wrap it all up with some hot barn lovin' and a whole lot of family.

These photos are from the walk this morning, berries that are ripening and trees turning to gold slowly and beautifully perfect.

The hills in the background are the Chiltern Hills and contain the highest point in Buckinghamshire... rofl. Just over them is Chequers, where our Prime Minister has his *country retreat*.


  1. I love autumn also. It's such a beautiful season. All the leaves changing color. The crisp, fresh air. Apple picking with the grands! Good times.

    Can't wait for more of Jack & Riley in Texas Fall!!!

    **BIG hugs**

  2. Gotta say Fall has always been my favorite as well. Changing leaves, cool but not cold, & Halloween fun. But more importantly more Jack & Riley! November is going to be a good birthday for me this year! Thx RJ-