Storming Love: Blizzard - Seth & Casey

The Book

Seth Wild is a fire fighter who has lost everything. Nearly dying in a building collapse, he is scared and angry and chases away the only good thing in his life—school teacher Casey McGuire.

When a sudden and violent snow storm hits their town he receives a message Casey and ten kids are trapped in an education center with no way out. There is no one else who can help, he’s the last fire fighter in town with his bum leg and his icy heart.

He doesn’t hesitate. He always promised he would be Casey’s hero, but will he ever again be Casey’s love?

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Multitaskingmommas Book Reviews - 4/4 - "....The stress of the snow storm is high and so is the two men's rediscovery of each other. The anger, the unspoken feelings, they had to deal with it. The reason they clicked once more is simple: they still love each other. So will the snow storm help in their rediscovering of each other?

Read and find out. It's an RJ Scott folks. It's a one-click for me...."

MM Good Book Reviews - 5/5 - "....This story is breathtaking. I sat in suspense the entire time I read. For such a short story this one was very complete and covered so much ground. It was like reading a novella...."

Gay List Book Reviews - "....I really liked this story. It was fun and sweet and I was rooting for the guys to get back together. I loved the growth that Seth experienced as he examined his life and really thought about why he’d allowed things to get so bad between them.

Another great story by RJ Scott full of action, emotion and sexy men in love...."

Lovebytes Reviews - 4.5/5 - "....First let me start with saying this is one of the winners in this Storming Love series (1 & 2).

This story is enthralling from the very beginning, pulling you in and compelling you to keep reading. The author makes sure you get info on a regular base on what happened to Seth and to Casey and their relationship, so you don’t feel like you are missing details as this is a short story...."

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  1. Sounds good. Can't wait to read more. :)

  2. Sounds excellent. I want now not 30 days from now.

  3. Loving this series so far, can't wait to read this one.