Sue Brown’s Five Favourite Christmas Movies or why Sue has a crush on Bruce Willis

...why Sue has a crush on Bruce Willis

But let’s start with Chance to be King. It does link in – honest, guv! I am very fond of Chance to be King.

It was my first solo story to be published as an author back in 2010 and I’m thrilled that Dreamspinner picked it up for republication.

A lot of my books, particularly the early ones, reference two favourite films of mine; Princess Bride and Die Hard. As Die Hard is a Christmas film, yes it is, it really really is, I’ve included it here.

Die Hard – I admit to have a penchant for Bruce Willis in Die Hard and Eric is my homage to Bruce, although possibly a foot taller and maybe a tad better-looking, with hair. I always love a cynical anti-hero and Brucie running around in a vest makes me very happy.

Okay, he kills off Alan Rickman and Jeremy Irons but hard-drinking anti-authority John McClane makes my toes curl. Also, the film is so eighties. The shoulder pads, the big suits, no mobile phones.

Make the Yuletide Gay – Rob Williams’ gay romance makes my cynical cold heart melt every time I see it. Gunn and Nathan are an adorable couple, and I firmly believe they’ll have their happy ever after. Anya and Sven, Gunn’s parents, wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Santa Clause – for a woman who hates Christmas movies I have a very soft spot for The Santa Clause, and I’m not sure why. It includes all the things I hate; cute kids, plot that induces cavities, and snow.

Yet, Tim Allen just pulls off the dad, forced into becoming Santa after he accidently knocks the actual Father Christmas off his roof. There is no logic in loving Christmas movies.

The Polar Express – we watch The Polar Express every year. Initially it was because my son and his obsession with all things trains, but he’s way past that stage and yet we still watch it every year.

I still think Tom Hanks is as scary as shit as the conductor, and it’s not all sweetness and light. There are some dark moments as well. Maybe that’s why I like it.

Home Alone – You may laugh or cringe at this choice, but it’s a family favourite. I think my kids still love it because the kid beats the adults every time. I think I love it because it’s not dependent on technology. It’s slapstick all the way.

And finally, for those I don’t speak to on a regular basis, I wish you a Happy Holidays and a glorious New Year.

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  1. I had to laugh when I saw Die Hard in your list. My five children (all adults now) have a Christmas tradition of watching every Die Hard film in a marathon viewing every year. They insist that they are the only Christmas films worth watching :D