One Million and Counting - Winners announced

EDIT - the winners of the competion are below... 

I passed a milestone in the last 24 hours... I now have over 1,000,000 hits to my blog and I am celebrating... see the competition below...

As an ex web designer I know that stats in themselves mean very little in the grand scheme of things. A percentage of this million hits will be spam hits, robots... a perecentage will be people opening the site and thinking *why am i here, i didnt want RJ Scott, i wanted ZJ Scott*. But I have seen the counts go up steadily and seen the evidence in the spread of news to know that I genuinly have hit some kind of awesome milestone at some point!

What makes me smile... is that consistently I have the most wonderful people visiting my site, commenting, starting discussions over on Facebook and twitter when I share. I have visiting authors and I share news and reviews. I love this site :)

I've had the blog since August 2011 and the most popular posts are as follows:

** this one has a lot of hits but is one I reuse each time I update with the newest publishing schedule news :) 

I could have guessed on some of the posts. Some are Texas based, one is about Silver Publishing, and the one I expected the most was The Curious Case Of The Missing Stapler. This was written as a short story and is an insight into another Ross/Adam stapler incident. This is from my bodyguard books which also seem to be popular posts.

So to celebrate one million hits just comment in the form below with your name and email and answer the three simple questions and I will put you in a draw to win the following available prizes:

8 PRIZES... CLOSING DATE 7 AUGUST at 12:00 GMT (London)
  • Texas books 1 - 6, in Mobi, PDF, or ePub
  • Sanctuary 1 - 7, in Mobi, PDF, or ePub
  • Sapphire Cay, 1-5 in Mobi, PDF, or ePub
  • Ellery Mountain in paperback (TB covers) all three volumes, signed **
  • End Street Volume 1 and 2 in paperback (TB covers), signed **
  • Bodyguards Inc, 1-3, in Mobi, PDF, or ePub
  • Your name, or your choice of name, as a character's name in the next Bodyguards book
  • Texas Wedding, Accidental Hero (Sanctuary 8) and Love's Design (Bodyguards Inc 4) in Mobi, PDF, or ePub, on or before release day.
** These are my shelf copies so are not pristine :) but they would be sent with love :)


Steven Oxley
De K. Vanessa
Lisa Guertin
Susan Cohen

Guys, Janet will be contacting you to select from the above list of prizes. First winner gets first choice... and so on... :)


  1. Kind of confusing Rj. The Hearts of England was an anthology, as as far as I know that wasn't a series. Did you mean the English Hearts series or were you after the 2nd story in the Hearts of England anthology?

    1. Paula I love you... thank you ... I have amended :) XXXX

    2. You are welcome hon, I just wasn't sure which one you were after. I have submitted my answers now, lol. Hugs you hard. xxxx

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  2. Congrats!! Love your stories, re-read them all the time. I feel a re-read of Texas coming on.

  3. Any excuse for a reread works for me :D

  4. Huge fan here, so have got the ebooks, but I have to admit a fetish for collecting print, even if pre-loved hint! hint!

  5. Congrats, that's pretty big news. Love your books and can totally see new and old fans flocking by to visit and also rereading books already read =)