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You know what they say about house guests who stay too long? Henry Cooley and company are kind of like that. Vanished was originally a 27,000 word standalone novella designed to give my Dad a chance to read my writing. Almost two years later, it’s turned into a 97,000 word romantic suspense trilogy. I’ve learned a lot writing these three books. For example, many more readers than I suspected are unwilling to step out of their HEA-requiring comfort zones. To my great pleasure, plenty of readers have been willing to step off that cliffhanger wall with me.

For those who took the risk, I hope Vanished 3 will be a satisfactory conclusion to the saga. Even thought about eight different cliffhangers popped into my head as I wrote the third book, I promise I didn’t end it with one. I couldn’t do that to my readers a third time in the same series. And I couldn’t do it to Henry either. He deserves an answer to what happened to Tom. He deserves a chance to be happy again. And, frankly, after two years, I’m ready to meet and write about another couple.

The Vanished trilogy took me on a fantastic trip for almost two years. I hope the ride it takes you on is just as fabulous. As always, I’d love to hear what you think.

Blurb: It’s been five months since Henry Cooley woke up to find that his husband, Tom MacKinnon, had vanished. Henry has gone through hell and back since then trying to uncover what really happened. But nothing could prepare him for the truth.

Review: If you've been following this story then this is the perfect book to round it all off and explain it. Carter played with my heartstrings and I vacillated between wanting the hero to be with X, then Y, then X again... LOL...

A satisfying and exciting conclusion to a wonderful series. Try it from book 1, which I think is still only 99c on Amazon! Highly Recommended,


Carter Quinn was born and raised in a very small Western Kansas town where cattle vastly outnumber humans. In the 90s he read enough depressing gay fiction to give up on it. He discovered M/M in 2010 and started writing again. Now he's told Corporate America to kiss his books. Carter lives entirely too far from his beloved Colorado Avalanche.

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  1. So thrilled you liked the series! Thank you so much! Hugs!