2015 RJ Scott Titles Giveaway

Hello! Janet, RJ's assistant, sneaking in to ask you what was your favourite RJ Scott tale of 2015? Leave a comment with your favourite book and email address, and I'll get the boss to pick a winner on Sunday 24th January at 6pm, GMT. Here are a few to remind you of the past year.

Love's Design

Can Christmas be the time when Kirby finally stops running and allows himself to fall in love with the man who saves his life?

CIA Agent Stefan Mortimer is cooling his heels in the UK until he can go home. Taking on easy assignments with Bodyguards Inc. seems like a good solution to keep him sane. He's used to life throwing him curveballs, and it’s just another day at the office when he rescues Kirby Devlin and his niece and nephew. Now he has to keep Kirby and the kids alive and stay professional. Kirby Devlin has one priority; keeping his small family safe. On the run, and facing danger at every turn, Kirby finally runs out of places to hide on a snowy December day at an Edinburgh train station. Stefan comes to the rescue, saves him and the children. Is it possible that Kirby finally has someone to trust?

Now, if only it would be as easy for Kirby to trust Stefan with his heart.

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Accidental Hero

Chicago Cop Simon Grant and Sanctuary operative Cain Brodie, have to be the heroes of their own stories, just to stay alive.

Everyone wants Chicago cop, Simon Grant, dead. Armed with an address, he is on the run and heading for Sanctuary, only to end up at the wrong end of a gun. Is it possible the tall amber-eyed man holding the gun is actually going to be able to help him?

Cain Brodie is in charge of Sanctuary’s new Chicago office, C-Tower. His well organised administration day takes an unexpected turn when he has a man wanted for murder right in his gun sights. Thrust into a situation he has no control over suddenly he needs to be the one in control.

Accidental or not, Simon and Cain have to be the heroes of their own stories, just to stay alive.
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Texas Wedding

Sometimes Riley and Jack have to be the ones to fight other people's battles and stand up for what is right.

With the life changing prospect of a yes vote from SCOTUS on the issue of same sex marriage, Riley and Jack realise they have decisions to make. Add in some distressing family news and the very real possibility that old secrets may resurface, and this last book in the Texas series pulls together as many threads as the boys can manage to handle.

But through all the ups and the downs, children, family events, laughter, and tears, there is nothing as special as the forever love between these two men.

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  1. Texas Wedding though it is a tough choice, I have loved everything.
    aibopals at gmail dot com

  2. I liked them all, but I think I have to go with Texas Wedding.

  3. Again with the choices!!!😈 If pushed the bodyguards books. But... Texas Wedding is up there equally. Please stop making me choose ( end whine)

  4. Texas Wedding! Reading a Jack & Riley book brings on all the good feels. Even though they're fictional characters, they're so well written you can feel their love coming off the pages. All the 2015 books were good though. kjpattersonrn@yahoo.com

  5. Texas Wedding! I love Jack and Riley so very much, I reread the the series constantly. All of RJ's books are simply fantastic though.

  6. My email is kaynicki@live.com

  7. Although I love all her book the Bodyguard series is one of my favorites. Chelcibrat16@msn.com

  8. I actually love the co-written books best and my favourite from 2015 was The Case of the Purple Pearl.

  9. All.....😎 Love me some Rj

  10. Texas Wedding of course was my favorite this year

  11. Retrograde, although this is like trying to pick only one out of a sizeable hat!
    batchelorboy55 (at) gmail (dot) com

  12. Texas Wedding, so much love for Jack & Riley.

  13. Tough choice but going with A Reason to Stay

    Littlesuze at hotmail.com

  14. What a tough choice! I haven't actually gotten to start any of these series yet and want to read them all. Love's Design would be my first choice. Thanks for a chance.
    flutterfli01 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  15. Not an easy choice. Though all the names books are great, I liked For a Rainy Afternoon the best. Thanks


  16. The Bucket List because it was the very first RJ Scott book I read and was so sweet and heartwarming, got me hooked on the rest if your books :) tash.hatzipetrou@gmail.com

  17. Love all of your books. But the Sanctuary series was got me hooked, so, Accidental Hero.