New Year, New Read - Charlie Cochet, Thirds

Part of the New Year New Read project...  

Is there anyone left who hasn't heard about Charlie's THIRDS series? Probably not! I came to it late and read the first few books one after the other. *Hooked* *SO hooked*

I picked up a spare THIRDS bag at GRL... so, watch this space and I will be posting a competition in the near future to win the bag and some other goodies.

At the bottom of this post Charlie sums up the year and looks forward to 2016.

Want to try some Charlie Cochet books? Simply, comment below with your email address and I will pick a winner 12 January 12:00 GMT, and then send on some books that I loved for you to read.

Hell & High Water (THIRDS book 1)

When homicide detective Dexter J. Daley’s testimony helps send his partner away for murder, the consequences—and the media frenzy—aren’t far behind. He soon finds himself sans boyfriend, sans friends, and, after an unpleasant encounter in a parking garage after the trial, he’s lucky he doesn’t find himself sans teeth. 

Dex fears he’ll get transferred from the Human Police Force’s Sixth Precinct, or worse, get dismissed. Instead, his adoptive father—a sergeant at the Therian-Human Intelligence Recon Defense Squadron otherwise known as the THIRDS—pulls a few strings, and Dex gets recruited as a Defense Agent.

Dex is determined to get his life back on track and eager to get started in his new job. But his first meeting with Team Leader Sloane Brodie, who also happens to be his new jaguar Therian partner, turns disastrous. When the team is called to investigate the murders of three HumaniTherian activists, it soon becomes clear to Dex that getting his partner and the rest of the tightknit team to accept him will be a lot harder than catching the killer—and every bit as dangerous.

Charlie sums up the year and looks forward

Hello all! Thank you so much for stopping by, and a big thank you to RJ for having me! Are you excited about the new year as I am? It’s funny how the ending of one year and beginning of another can have such an impact on us. It hits midnight, and we’re facing a world of possibilities. For many, it’s like a clean slate. A chance to do what you wanted to do the previous year, but for some reason or another weren’t able to.

For me, a new year is exciting because there’s just so much to look forward to! I’m not one to set resolutions, because they’ve never worked for me. I’m more of a short-term and long-term goal setter. I write down things I hope to accomplish in the coming year, and work out what I need to do to accomplish those goals.

In 2016 I’ll be attending the RT Booklovers convention for the first time. I’m even on a panel. Am I nervous? You bet. It’s my biggest convention yet. This year I decided it was time. Time to take the next step in my career. Next year is all about moving forward, about taking what I learned in 2015 about myself, my writing, the genre, and expanding on that. Growth is important, not just on a professional level, but a personal one. Here’s to a new year of love, laughter, and endless possibilities!


  1. Charlie's THIRD series is amazing. I have listened to it many times and always enjoy them as one big read. (deedhenry at gmail)

  2. Have heard about them and it's always good things, but I have never gotten around to reading them.

  3. Looking forward to the next in the series. Happy New Year!

  4. I'm not a fan of New Years resolutions either, i alwasy feel that if you want to chance something you better do it immediatly and not wait for another year to start.
    Thank you for the giveaway chance :)


  5. I love THIRDS series a lot. I can't wait for Catch a Tiger By the Tail to be released!

  6. Thanks for this!


  7. How have I missed this series? Count me in.
    ocanana at gmail

  8. Thanks for the giveaway! ;D

  9. I haven't tried Charlie Cochet, yet! Thanks for the chance Sh (zero) mehardwork(at) gmail (dot) com

  10. I love the THIRDS series. I'm looking forward to the next installment. Thank you for the giveaway chance!
    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  11. I haven't read this series, I wouldn't mind a chance.

    aibopals at gmail dot come

  12. I held off on this series thinking it wasn't for me, then fell in love!!!

  13. I held off on this series thinking it wasn't for me, then fell in love!!!