Welcome to GRL author: Hunter Frost

Hello everyone! My name is Hunter Frost and I’ll be your host today. That’s me and my crazy multi-colored hair J

First, let me thank the lovely RJ Scott for giving me the opportunity to talk to you all. She’s graciously given over the mic so that that I can tell you a little about me as well as what kind of stories I write. For that she deserves cookies. And lots of chocolate.

So let’s get to it!

I guess I should start with a short introduction. I stumbled upon M/M romance about four years ago. I was stuck in a rut after burning out on work and graduate school, so I turned to reading romance. As one does. Okay, let me back up and say I had already written a couple M/F romances, but couldn’t get motivated to take it further than the first draft. And honestly, I wasn’t sure where to turn for help in such a massive community. I mean, I had taken classes and studied my craft, yet something wasn’t clicking and I didn’t have the confidence to put myself out there.

Anyway, M/M romance blew my ever-loving mind. And after reading Charlie Cochet’s, The Auspicious Troubles of Chance, I knew THESE were the types of stories I wanted to write. I found the courage to email Charlie for advice. Guys, she is absolutely amazing! Indeed, the whole M/M romance community is wildly supportive, but I’ll always credit Charlie for inspiring me to pursue my dreams of writing romance full-time. With her kind words, a lot of sweat and tears, and the belief that I could really DO this, I submitted a short story to a publisher. And it was accepted! The rest is history, which is what I ended up getting my graduate degree in – btw :-P Since then I’ve published a total of seven short stories and novellas.

I’m also excited to announce that I’ve been contracted with Dreamspinner Press for a novella in their
States of Love series. My story, which takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana (I know, how awesome is that, right?) will release at the beginning of 2017. It’s a mystery with gothic elements and hot haunted tour guides. I so enjoyed writing in that world, and if Dreamspinner approves, I hope to continue with a few spin-offs involving the characters I’ve come to love. For your reference, here is my inspiration for Finn Murphy (one of those hot haunted tour guides). You’re welcome J

And speaking of exciting news, anyone else totally psyched for GRL?? I sure am! It’ll be my third time attending, but my first as a supporting author. Yikes! It’s wild to think that I’ll be sitting at the tables where I’ve met many of my favorite authors in person! I’m still a bit overwhelmed by it. However, I plan to have a blast and bring my A-game. Also, I’ll be giving away printed copies of that very first short story I mentioned above, revamped and freshened up with a new cover. Please come by pick one up and say hello!

Until we meet again…keep reading!

Hunter lost a bet at a blackjack table and begrudgingly traded temperate Southern California for the sweltering heat of Las Vegas. There she resides with an extremely tolerant boyfriend and two cats named after her favorite beverage, Latte and Java. When she’s not dreaming of returning to coastal living, Hunter works at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, from where she recently received her Master’s in British history. In order to appease her muse, she writes the kind of fiction that keeps her sane. She adores romance in all forms, but prefers her stories with two heroes that find their happily-ever-afters with each other. You can find her books or reach out to her via her website: www.hunterfrost.net

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