The Carter Family Tree - Stanford Creek MF and MM series


Megan's story is book 1 (Notes & Roses), Rachel's is book 2 (Love & Hope), Garrett's is book 3 (Snow & Secrets - coming soon).


  1. In the epilogue of book 2 of Stanford Creek 'looking way more than twelve weeks pregnant. Of course that was because she was expecting twins, a fact that Cody had failed to mention was a genetic thing in his Family'
    Yet in book 3 Megan is only delivered of a single baby Girl......but no explanation
    as to why..

    1. Ooohhhhh. Lol. Good catch. Clearly that passed me, my editors, my proofers. I need to fix that. Sorry, will go check. X

  2. In book one the Sheriff takes files out of his cruiser and hip bumps the door closed. Megan corners him asking about Cody. The Sheriff pushes Megan back underneath the awning puts his HANDS on her shoulders and rubs them down her arms. Where did the files go? ( tries putting files under arm and touching someone's shoulders...ops the files scatter)